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This study examine the role and contributions of the modern information and communication technologies on radio broadcasting. Where splash FM 105.5 was used as a case study. The survey research method was employed and thus questionnaire were administered to media practitioners who are engaged in the communication process. Finding from the field revealed that the newly emerging information and communication technologies have gained popularity and initially all the media practitioners are aware of their existence, but despite this, majority of these people do not have access to them. For this study, the first chapter deals with background to the study, objectives of the study statement of problem, research question, significance of the study, scope and limitation as well as historical background of Splash FM 105.5 Mokola Hill Ibadan, chapter two deals with literature review in which relevant literature were utilized. Chapter three explains the research method in carrying out. In chapter four, the result of the finding was analyze and presented, using table conclusively chapter five gives the summary, conclusion and recommendation of the researcher.




Technology is the context is considered as indigenous capacity to create, adopt, diffuse, modify the hardware of mechanical development in engineering, science and economics and its commercial operation. To Okitis O, Stevat 1982, it is a technique and means and for accomplishing requires purpose.

Generally, radio broadcasting is known as an avenue for message dissemination which meant for reception by the public and not selected audience. It is a mass media since its means of communication uses technology to reach large parts of the population almost simultaneously (Head and Steling: 1952). However, the root of radio lies in science and technology and the long search for wireless telephone and wireless telegraph which culminated on Marconi Engliemo’s success around 1986.

Our country Nigeria is increasingly becoming interesting especially, for those who have access to the new communication technologies. But before the advent of technology there were different means of passing information to the public which is referred to as the traditional means of communication. It included the use of taking drums, bush burning, early morning going signals the special emissary of the village head.

However, there traditional means of communication are fast becoming in effective with the emergence of the modern technologies which is bridging the communication gap between international boundaries. But it is pertinent to stress here that of all the radio broadcasting organization we have in Nigeria.

The computer system which is known to have prompted the new technological break through in radio broadcasting was not to be found in most of the radio station. This was takes note of when a visit was made to the media’s station for research. Therefore, the internet which made sit possible for computer and the people who operate them to exchange message and information through electronic mail (E-mail) is not in use.

The outside broadcast used for using allocation of sciences and also enhance the people to know the pappening in their environment at a particular time. A question was asked about their neglect of these important communication

technologies. But the answer given was that it was as a result of the financial constraint they are facing. But to my surprise something very amazing was looked up. I was told that the mobile phone was taken the place of the outside broadcasting van which is not available in their organization.

The mobile phone is now used as a communication technology both personally and publicity. It was said that during the previous Edil-Fitri celebration, microphones and it was done perfectly well.

The use of turn table seems to be facting out of use in most radio station. In old stations yet to be computized, turn tables are still the reliable and they serve loyally. A very good example of the old station still using this is Radio Kwara Ilorin, Okin FM 105.7 which is known to be a new media station also purchased the old turn tables we have, whereas, better ones are available like the compact disk prayer another question pertaining to this issue was thrown and the reply given was that they had purchase the turn table because they had old turn table plates for old record lovers.

Due to the stations inability to get these modern information technologies, their only source of foreign information was gathered through the daily newspaper we have in Nigeria


The research work is aimed at looking into the contributions of the modern communication technologies on radio broadcasting in Nigeria. It will also consider how useful have of these new technologies been using.


Despite the amazing rate at which various modern communication technologies emerge globally. It has been observed that some media houses like Splash FM 105.5, are yet to be adequately informed of the various emerging technologies, let alone availing them selves of their numerous opportunity.

However, considering the urgent need by the country to keep growing with the world, one can not but embark on this sort of research to create desired awareness and reflect how useful and interesting can be. To achieve this task, the following research questions would from the basis of the investigation.


1. Do ICT actually enhances radio transmission system?

2. Of what impact are these modern technologies having on radio broadcasting?

3. Does ICT offers new opportunities to strengthen many aspects of radio broadcasting in Nigeria?

4. Do ICT really improve productivity of radio broadcasting?

5. To what extenty has ICT contributed to radio broadcasting practices.


It is hoped that the findings of this work will not only add to the knowledge in the area of human communication system, but also provoke further research in this very interesting area of discipline. It will also consider how far the technological know how has improved the power of communication in Nigeria. The research work would also serve as a source of reference for media practitioner, scholars, information technologists and other researcher.


In revealing the impact of technology on radio broadcasting emerging information techniques such as internet service, e-mail, all of which are possible with the computer networks as explained earlier. The study would also consider how widely are these emerging technologies using.


In carrying out the research the following factors will serve as hindrances.

i. Time constraint

ii. Insufficient relevant materials and literature to be consulted and other essential material that can provide adequate information.

iii. Poor financing

iv. Inadequate or insincerity on the part of the respondents some media practitioners may not want to disclose their full information on the subject of the research work.


The Splash FM 105.5 Mokola Hill, Ibadan was established on January 22, 2007. It broadcast in premier hotel in a rented room and uses on apartment in 25,

Osuntokun Avenue, Bodija Ibadan, but presently they are using white house Felele, Ibadan for all its administrative curriculum.

Chief Muritala Adebayo Akande former chairman Licensed Telecommunication of Nigeria is the General Manager and Mr. Flesh B. is the Managing Director of the station.

It has a total number of twelve staffers and various freelancers, Splash FM 105.5 Mokola Hill Ibadan is a broadcasting station which has the following objectives for its establishment.

– To empower and influence minds and behaviour of our people by opening up and new window of knowledge and wisdom.

– To entertain the audience through the programmes and educate the large world about this through entertainment.

– To be a leading light in the broadcast firmament and a reference point of a well structure and entertaining programme.

Splash FM 105.5 Mokola Hill, Ibadan, operates in Ibadan city and transmits daily from Monday through Sunday. The station has been able to be up to the task by disseminating correct information to the diversified audience and also refusing to be a mouth piece or organ for the government but gives equal right to both rich and poor in the society. The station serves as a voice of people (Vox Pop) and also the town crier between the government and the masses as a whole.

The prospect of the station is great if it, can continue to disseminate correct information and does not bend for the government to be used as mouth piece.


For the purpose of this project these are the terminologies used in the project and definition of their meanings.

This is done to ensure understanding of the project work and to avoid double meaning.
Drucker and Toffler concluded that is this 21st century, it has become clear that the new factors of globalization driven by information and communication technology have resulted in shrinking space, time and disappearing nation borders.

Yet, other scholar who believe that the near communication technology is playing a major role in the massive expansion in global communications which began in the 1970’s are Goodman and Grodol (1996.).

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