The Influence Of Family Background On The Academic Performance Of Physics Students

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Theoretical Framework
The review is organized under the following headings and sections                                                                                               ÂGet the Complete Project
Orhungur (1990) asserts that the socio-economic status of the family determine the type of education the child will receive from the parents and level of sophistication the child attains in habits, attitudes, and values. High income or prestige families tend to send their children to high prestige schools.                                       Â
He further explained that   “ a low income family with plenty of feeding problems may produce children whose physical and mental development pose real challenges to the schools effort at optimum development of the child” Commenting on this Coleman(1999) said that the last single predictor of children’s performance in school is the child’s family standard. This assertion according to Coleman (2000), it is the families that first exposed the child to educational activities such as videos, books and many others that help educate the child.                       Â

However, some researchers have classified parents’ socio-economic status into different categories. According to Toullators (1998) named as high, middle and low levels socio-economic statuses. He established that, children whose parents are well place in the society scored substantially higher in physics than those from the lower socio-economic group.

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