Factors affecting study habit and academic performance of national open university study center

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Habit is a second nature; it is routine of a person what he or she does in every condition. It cannot be changed; it may be good or bad. It does not get affected by the changing of place or schedules. A habit is something that is done on a scheduled, regular, planned basis and that is not relegated to a second place or optional place in one’s life. It is simply done, no reservations, no excuses, and no expectations. A study habit is; buying out a dedicated scheduled and un-interrupted time to apply one’s self to the task of learning. Without it, one does not grow and becomes self-limiting in life (Gonzalez, 1997). Study habits tell a person that how much he will learn and how far he wants to go, and how much he wants to earn. These all could be decided with the help of one’s study habits, throughout the life. The importance of study habits in student’s life it that plays a major role in their academic achievement, because without studies no one can be successful. For studying, students should use different techniques because with these techniques they can ensure good outcomes. As everybody knows that every student has different study habits. Some students can study in a crowdie place but some want silent environment for studies. Although it is good to study in a peaceful environment but some time students cannot get that environment. In this manner student should have to adjust themselves in that environment like, in noisy classroom or hostels some students study in silence but some do not. If they have good study habits, they can adjust easily. Some students do not have the ability to cope up with the non-suitable environment. Due to this reason, some students lose their positions. Effective study habits help students to achieve good results (Sadia, 2005). However, the study seeks to identify the factors affecting study habit and academic performance of undergraduate student of National Open University study center.

An academic performance is something students achieve at school, college or university in class, in a laboratory, library or field work. An academic performance such as graduating in one’s class, sometimes a purely quantitative matter, while having the findings of lengthy, comprehensive research published by a recognized journal is also a notable academic performance (Ansari 1983).
When students get admission in a university, they have no idea about studies requirement. Most of them have old patterns of seeking knowledge at the beginning, they apply the same old techniques but after some time they realize that old techniques are no more effective. Gradually they started developing mature study style. Some students, when enter the higher institution, feel free themselves from all the worries of studies which affect their studies negatively. Even they get failed in their tests or exams and there are some other poor study habits which affect the performance of the students. This includes a very common mistake which is made by students, and also most unavoidable from the side of students. When students enter, especially in the universities, they think of themselves free from every duty of studies. When students leave their classes without any plan to read up what has been taught, due to this, their study habits are also affected. They get used to it and lose their positions. If they want to succeed in their life, they should be active in their studies, attend all lectures which the teacher delivers in the class.

Study habits are learning tendencies that enable students to work privately. The term study habit can be as the students’ way of study whether systematic, efficient or inefficient. Going by this definition, it literally means that good study habit produces positive academic performance while inefficient study habit leads to academic failure. Study habit are measured directly through reports, examination, assessment and rating. Students’ attitude and study habit towards any subject has been described as a function of their belief about the subject and implicit evaluative responses with those beliefs, all of which has direct relationship with the student academic performance.

In Nigeria, there are so many factors that influence the ability of students to cultivate effective and efficient study habit towards better academic performance. Such factors that are capable of influencing the academic performance of university students are state of health, motivation, anxiety, their environment, adequacy of infrastructures like textbooks and well equipped libraries.
Nuthana & Yenagi,(2009) have examined the causes of poor academic performance among university undergraduates. Some of these factors identified are intellectual ability, poor study habit, achievement motivation, lack of vocational goals, low self concept, low socio-economic status of the family, poor family structure and so on. However, the researcher is examining the factors affecting study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students.  national open university
The following are the objectives of this study:

  1. To examine the factors affecting study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students
  2. To examine the factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students.
  3. To determine the relationship between study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students


  1. What are the factors affecting study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students?
  2. What are the factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students?
  3. What is the relationship between study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students?

HO: There is no significant relationship between study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students.
HA: There is significant relationship between study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students.
The following are the significance of this study:

  1. The finding from this study will educate the stakeholders in the education sector and the general public on the factors that can influence student’s academic performance with special focus on study habit and factors that can reshape students study habit towards better academic performance.
  2. This research will also serve as a resource base to other scholars and researchers interested in carrying out further research in this field subsequently, if applied will go to an extent to provide new explanation to the topic

This study on the factors affecting study habit and academic performance of undergraduate students will cover various forms of study habits practiced by undergraduate students and its effect on their academic performance considering factors that can encourage better study habit.  national open university
Financial constraint– Insufficient fund tends to impede the efficiency of the researcher in sourcing for the relevant materials, literature or information and in the process of data collection (internet, questionnaire and interview).  national open university
Time constraint– The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work. This consequently will cut down on the time devoted for the research work.

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