human right violation in nigeria and its implication

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The study examine the implications of human right violation in Nigeria, the study has the following objectives, to ascertain the implications of human right violation in Nigeria,to determine the extent of human right violation in Nigeria. The research methodology cited the population of the study area with the sampling techniques used to ascertain the sampling size for this research work. It also explained the mode of data collection and analysis; Questionnaires were used to sample people’s opinion while carrying out the survey. The researcher discarded the secondary data designs so as to get new, accurate findings and data analysis on the subject matter. The study has the sample size of one hundred individuals (100) selected from the category of women, children and civilians who are prone to right violation.

From the result and the conclusion of this study, the following recommendations are made by the researcher; Legal aid should be made accessible to women, children and the poor who are being violated. More Human rights Organizations (e.g. NGOs) come up and volunteer to assist the poor in fighting for their rights especially in the North where there are not’ many NGOs.

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