The Impact Of Management System (mis) On Effective Human Resources Management In An Organization

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The Impact Of Management System (mis) On Effective Human Resources Management In An Organization

The extended essay focuses on the “impact of management information system on the effectiveness of employees’ productivity in an organization”. However, management information system plays a vital role in stimulating the operation of an organization worldwide. This essay revealed that the regular training and workshops on MIS organized by the organizations influence the effectiveness of staff to be more productive. It also revealed that information processing devices must not only be available but also readily made accessible for staff usage in order to influence them to be effective in performing their duties. It was recommended that management of the selected organizations should give their employees the opportunity to go for training and retraining so as to up-date their competence and knowledge in management information system. It is also recommended that the management of the organization should provide adequate facilities devices of information management system.

Every aspect of management in the modern age relies heavily on information to thrive. Nothing moves without information and it is generally believed that information is power and that he who has it has power. It has even been described as a singular resources needed to develop other resources, including workers in an organization. That is why Odger and Keeling (2000) deduced that one way businesses meet information needs is to use Management Information System (MIS). Management System One approach by which organization can utilize company’s capability is through the development of Management Information System (MIS).  Management System There is no universally accepted definition of Management Information System (MIS) and those that exist reflect the emphasis and perhaps prejudice of their authors. Management System

However, the term “Management Information System” (MIS) can be seen as a database management system tailored to the needs of managers or decision makers in an organization. Management System MIS is a system using formalized procedures to provide management at all levels in all functions with appropriate information based on data from both internal and external sources, Management System to enable them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are responsible Argyris (1991). Management System It should be noted from the above definition that the emphasis is on the uses to which the information is put. Management System

Planning, directing and controlling are the essential ingredients for “Management”. Management System  In essence, the processing of data, information, and communicating the resulting information directly to the user, is the key function of MIS. It should, therefore, be noted that MIS exists it organization in order to help them achieve objective to plan and control their processes and operations, to help deal with the uncertainties, and to help in adopting changing or indeed initiating change.

Essentially, therefore, information has become a critical resource, just like energy, both of which are vital to the wellbeing of individuals and organizations in the modern world.  Management System Like energy and politics, technology is changing the ways in which information is captured, processed, stored, disseminated and used augured by Charles (2002). Management System.

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