effects study of radio advertising and rural dwellers patronage of consumable products in etsako government area

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1.1 Background of the Study
Radio advertising could be said to be one of the broadcasting activities undertaken in a bid to keep listeners aware of some product and services of corporate organization and manufacturer. If will said that radio in the near future will be conceived as a medium of direct communication in term of informing its audience on some vital issue related to advertising.

There are other media involved in advertising products and service. This study is of the new that radio will be more adequate because in time to come more manufacturers, producers will prefer using the radio because of it nature and fast movement in term of advertising dissemination.
Again, the radio will have the ability to inform rural dividers, persuade them to take action which ordinarily they will do. As the rural areas develop the radio will teach rural respond to advertising message. As the world is evolving a lot of importance will be allocated to advertising communication because advertising on radio will be disseminated to rural dwellers both directly and indirectly. Some advertising on radio is viewed as very important it could also be said that it will viewed as a basic communication process. By then, radio will conceived a more sophisticated communication model demand from the rural set up but will be applied respectfully to advertising be as composed commercial test rather than informal speech. In addition by undergoing through advertising he radio will consider the message and the receiver of which they will all have multiple dimensions. So as the areas will develop, the radio will be oblique to use other sophisticated means so as to get to the reach of these rural dwellers. Thus radio advertising will adopt creative team and will be always concerned about how to attract consumers, clients on behalf of the key producers. It could be advertising on rural dwellers will be viewed important because it will have very positive effect on them. As been forwarded by Areas 2004 the medium radio is a message. Even through many companies have anticipated the television print experts have lifted the future to the radio. They are several reason attached. Firstly radio will still be known as a direct medium of communication because people will prefer it because the technology attached to radio will be more sophisticated such that even the commonest man will afford it. Secondly, radio will stand the taste of time because it will continue to exist and it will be popular across many classes of people.
A greater number of people have so far prophesized for the development of radio. For instance according to Mark (2004: 77) radio will be the most popular weapon for advertising communication. It therefore implies that radio will always keep records of advertising of persons and products. Then, people will still find it necessary to choose the radio even if other form of communication wills emerges.

It is therefore against this backdrop that this research wants to explore the effect of radio advertising on rural dwellers’ patronage of consumable products in Etsako Local Government Area of Edo State.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Rural dwellers have not fully been exposed to radio advertising and as such they are unable to patronize consumable products in the Local Government Area. However, the problem may arise from the fact that since most of them are no literate enough to understand the basis of advertising, the language used on radio seems not to be clear to them. This is why this study intends to highlight more on this topical issue and find possible solution that could be done in the area of simple and clear advertising to enable rural dwellers understands the concept of advertising on radio.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
The study objectives are specifically conceived to:
(1) find if advertising message of products on radio have effort on rural dwellers of the L.G.A Area;
(2) find out if rural dwellers have been patronizing products due to advertising of such product on radio;
(3) find out if the advertising of products on radio is understood by rural dwellers;
(4) assess the relevance of radio advertising of product on rural dwellers.

1.4 Research Questions
The constructed research questions are:
(1) How advertising message of product on radio do have effect on rural dwellers of the local Government Area?
(2) How rural dwellers been patronizing product due to advertising of such product on radio?
(3) How advertising of product on radio has been understood by rural dwellers?
(4) What is the relevance of radio advertising of product on rural dwellers?
1.5 Significance of the Study
This study focuses only on the effect of radio advertising on rural dwellers patronage of consumable product in Etsako Local Government Area.
1.6 Delimitation of the Study
This study focuses only on the effect of radio advertising on rural dwellers patronage of consumable product in Etsako Local Government Area.

1.7 Theoretical Background
In modern times, advertising have become so persuasive in every facet of human endeavour.
Therefore, in carrying out advertisement, a direct relationship thus, emerges educative, informative and entertaining roles of the mass media. Hence, it is the function of the mass media to be measured by the researcher the effect of mass media listeners, viewers and readers.

Advertising only help to sell out to the viewers but never sellers products. It ought to generate actions in the consumer that would ultimately affect sales, that is why Ansat Makoyan, in his books advertising (1941) described advertising as a task of soviet. Advertising is to give people exact information about the goods that are on sale to help create new demands cultivate new tastes and to promote the sale of new kinds of goods and to explain their uses to the costumers. radio advertising

According to Maurice Mandel in this book, advertising impact says that among all business activities, none is probably better known or more widely talked about by the public than advertising. Amplifying the view, Ogbodoh asserted system but has also grown over the years to assume tremendous proportions both as business activity and as a social phenomenon. radio advertising

1.8 Limitation of the Study
Researcher was constrained by numerous factors among which were lack of enough fund to carry the research as it could have been and lack of professional research material. radio advertising

1.9 Definition of Terms
Referred to as the positive and negative influence of radio advertising on rural dwellers. radio advertising
Radio: A technological and wireless device messages to listeners without pictures and motions. radio advertising
Advertising: A communication in the media paid by an identifiable sponsor and directed at a target audience with the aim of imparting information about a product or services. radio advertising

Rural Dwellers: Inhabitants of extended zones from the urban zones. radio advertising
Patronage: Act of buying a product because of it popularity or media advertising. radio advertising
Consumable Product: Referred to consumable items by final consumers. radio advertising

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