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1.1 Background of the Study
Communication is very important in every society. Every human endeavour and profession requires effective communication for its success and survival. It is the engine that sustains the society, making it worth living for human beings. Without communication, the society would be static and lifeless, because human beings cannot relate with each other without it.

Television has become a more intimate part of our daily life than any other medium of communication and entertainment. An average person spends more time watching television at his leisure than he does on any other medium of communication. Television’s penetrating ability and dominance has contributed to the medium’s effectiveness in the area of dissemination of information. Television has also achieved popularity because it combines sound and picture to appeal to all segments of the audience through the various programmes being offered.

Television programmes are usually determined by natural objectives as well as collective needs, desires and urges of the people to whom the programmes are target. According to Akpan (1987), studies have revealed that “most audience members are entertainment seeking. The majority of media audiences tend to be unimpressed with participation in non-entertainment programmes. They have no interest in any kind of mass communication that attempts to get them to participate, to think, to discuss and to look for solutions”.

A producer of any programme tries to put the idea and vision he has in mind into a significant fo.rm for a better perception by his target audience. According to Akpan (1987), the producer ought to perceive order, clarify intensity and interpret a certain aspect of his experience through a medium of his choice. Emphasis here is on making the audience perceives the significant form of the programmes just the way the producer intended.

If this is so, it follows that Indomie Instant Noodle Show could elicit reactions from the viewers by which the success or failure of the programme can be measured. This has necessitated the questions, what are the reactions of Uyo residents to Indomie Instant Noodle reality television show?

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Television is an essential weapon for character formation and platform for agenda setting, socialization, education etc. some of the functions of the media (television in particular) are to help in building up moral standards and serve as potential channels through which different cultures could be expressed. It has also been observed by some researchers that its programmes have some positive and negative effects on its viewers.

Since the Indomie Instant Noodle show programme debuted on the different television stations, there have been a growing acclaim of its popularity; public contribution and participation is noticeable through scroll messages when the show is aired. It has been a topic of discussion on social media such as twitter and facebook. However, there are hardly empirical data on authenticate this assumed popularity and what gratifications it provides the audience in Uyo urban. This raises the questions of what reasons may account for this popularity and is the audience really passionate about the programme?

Consumers are dynamic in nature and it is only when suspense, creativity and entertainment are positively utilized, that reality shows can remain dependable consumer engagement projects that can give brand the desired advantage. In view of this, this study therefore intends to assess viewer’s reactions to Indomie Instant Noodle reality television show.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
The research had the following objectives:
i. Find out viewers motives in watching Indomie Instant Noodles programme.
ii. Ascertain the effects of Indomie reality show on viewer in Uyo Metropolis.
iii. Investigate the categories of viewers that patronize Indomie instant noodles programme in television.
iv. Determine viewer’s attitude towards Indomie instant noodle show.
v. Ascertain viewers rating of watching Indomie instant noodle show.

1.4 Research Questions
i. What are the viewer’s motives for watching Indomie instant noodles programme?
ii. What are the effects of Indomie reality show on viewers in Uyo metropolis?
iii. What categories of viewers patronize Indomie instant noodles reality show in television?
iv. What are viewer’s attitudes toward Indomie instant noodles show?
v. What are viewers rating of watching Indomie instant noodles show?

1.5 Significance of the Study
This research set out to determine how Indomie instant noodles reality show has succeeded in fulfilling its objectives and how viewers have benefited from the programme. The outcome of this study will be of great importance to the producers and sponsors of the programme as well as producers of other related television shows, as it will discover the failure and success of the programme through the audience assessment of the show. This will help the producer to reshape and repackage other series of the programmes for the benefits of the audience.

The study will avail the producers the opportunity to assess their efforts towards re-engineering and placing the programme in its proper place and time in broadcasting.

Finally, this study will also add to the body of knowledge by providing additional material to existing literature for further studies on viewer’s evaluation of broadcast media.

1.6 Delimitation of the Study
This study is limited to the impact of Indomie instant noodle reality show on viewers and not any other television programme. The research is basically deals with the viewers between the age of 3 and above. The audience under the study is strictly that of Uyo metropolis and it is limited to AKBC television station.

1.7 Limitation of the Study
The major limitation of this study was that some respondents did not complete and return the copies of the questionnaire given them. Some did not follow the instructions while completing them; hence such were discarded, but the number discarded was insignificant to affect the result of the study. Also secondary materials for the project were scares.

1.8 Definition of terms
Evaluation: This refers to the making of a judgment about the amount, number of value Indomie instant noodle reality show to viewers in Uyo Metropolis. This refers to residents of Uyo Metropolis who watch Indomie reality show.
Viewers Reaction: This means the opinions and attitudes of Uyo Metropolis residents or viewers about the show under study. This could be positive or negative.
Programme: Programme in this study is Indomie reality show aired on AKBC television channel.

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