Effective Implementation Of Organizational Policies And Procedure In Nigeria Business (case Study Of First Bank Plc Enugu)

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Effective Implementation Of Organizational Policies And Procedure In Nigeria Business (case Study Of First Bank Plc Enugu)

Nigeria Business


In all business enterprise, the role of effective implementation of organizational policies and performance is very important and can never be over emphasized and to achieve this goal, target and objective it is beckoned on the design of managers who do not sit there as a ceremonial heads rather they have role f implementing the organic functions of management in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment in Nigeria. This work in design to expose and aid the serious minded. Managers to be adequately equipped to face the challenges ahead as future management practitioners in business. And when adequate implementation of policies and procedures is not there business worldwide will be greatly affected.
In generally data needed to achieve the objective of the study. Cross – sectional survey was used. Questionnaire was used as the major instrument for primary data collection. The broaden the researchers’ depth of knowledge in the study area, the research embark  on review of related literatures with data down from secondary source. Data generated in the study was presented on frequency tables and analysed using simple percentages while the hypothesis were tested with Z test.
It was found at the end of the research work that most organizations cannot get the best out their workers or reach to their option goal, target and objectives because of poor implementation of organizational policies and procedures in  Nigeria business, workers are not allowed to join in decision making that concern them.
From the findings existence of these policies and procedures in one thing, awareness and utilization, implementation on the part of the employees becomes another thing and if not taken care of it will greatly affect the whole thing as far as business is concern. Some of the policies and procedures are not in time with present technology, may of the branches are still manual at this time, when war is survival of the fittest in the banking industry. Changes in technology, necessitate changes in policies.
Finally, effective organizational policies and procedure must be more sensitive to customer and also in order to up grade the workforce with exquisite training and motivation so as to reunion a winner or achieve a set objective which is the main target.
Title page
Table of content
List of tables
List of figures
1.1   General Background of the study
1.2   Statement of the problem
1.3   Purpose of the study
1.4   Scope of the study
1.5   Limitations
1.6   Research questions
1.7   Research hypothesis
1.8   Significance of the study
1.9   Definition of terms
Literature review
2.1    Definition of business
2.2    Organization as a concept in Nigeria Business
2.3    Effective implementation of organizational policies and procedures in Nigeria Business
2.4    Definition of policy
2.5    Sources of policy in Business
2.6    Characteristics of a good organizational policy business
2.7    Functions of organizational policy business
2.8    Criticisms of organizational policies
2.9    Definition of business in Nigeria
2.10   Effective implementation of organization function
2.11   Effective control of organizational policies
2.12   Profile of First Bank of Nigeria Plc
2.13   The managerial structure of FBN PLc
2.14   Banking in Nigeria
2.15   Effective functions of Bank Generally
2.15.1The Central Bank
2.15.2The Commercial bank
2.15.3The Development Bank
2.15.4The Merchant Bank
Research Design
3.1   Area of the study
3.2   Population of the study
3.3   The sample size and it’s determination
3.4   Instrument of data collection
3.4.1 Primary instrument
3.4.2 Secondary instrument
3.5   Validation of the instrument
3.6   Reliability of the instrument
3.7   Method of data collection
3.8   Method of data presentation and analysis
Data Presentation & Analysis
4.1   Presentation and Analysis of data collected
4.2   Testing of hypothesis
4.3   Summary of results
5.0   Discussion of findings, Recommendation and Conclusion
5.1   Discussion of Result / Findings
5.2   Implication of Research findings
5.3   Suggestions for further research

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