The Effect Of Broken Home On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Evboesi Grammar School, Orhionmwon Local Government Area Of Edo State

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Broken Home


The purpose of this study was to find out the effects of broken homes on the academic performance of children in Evboesi secondary school in Orhionmwon  Local Government Area of Edo State. In carrying out this study a questionnaire was administered to adults students. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted. It was observed that a majority of children from broken homes do not perform well in school learning.



1.1       Background of the study

1.2       Statement of the problems

1.3       Purpose of the study

1.4       Significance of the study

1.5       Research questions

1.6       Scope of the study

1.7       Limitation of the study

1.8       Definition of terms

1.9       Assumptions


Literature review


3.1       Method of investigation

3.2       Instrument for data collection

3.3       Procedure for data collection

3.4       Limitation of the data

3.5       Problems of the data collected


4.1       Analysis and interpretation of data


Findings, recommendation and conclusion

5.1       Findings

5.2       Conclusion

5.3       Recommendation







It will be of a great advantage to us by helping us to understand dearly what research is all about. If we take our time to carefully examine those factors that are responsible for broken homes which now have adverse effect on the academic performance of children in primary schools.

The basic reason for instability in the family is the sense of disappointment on the part of the couple or one of them.

Many at times young people go into marriage without the knowledge of what he or she is getting into. Some go into marriage with high hope for happiness and performance in their marital life. Many become disappointed when these high hopes do not materialize because of certain factors which are internal such as emotional immaturity, lack of flexibility in accommodating each others aspirations, behaviours and short comings, inability to both give and take, breakdown in communication, etc.  There are also some external factors which when added to the above mentioned ones spur the couple into separation. Such external factors are parental interference in the marital affairs of their children in one way or another, stress and difference in values.

Every family worldwide ha some basic functions or responsibilities towards their children. Every parent is expected to be a model for the children to learn from. Parents can only become model if they are able to fulfill the basic obligation of preparing the children for adult life. Parents are expected to act as models by showing competences in what they do and generally conducting themselves with respect.

Children for instance learn to speak any language by listening to and imitating their parents and other members of the family. They also acquire their moral values on the child’s development us the parents attitude towards him or her. Such factors as degree of stability of the family, the social position of parents in the society and this the income of the family usually influence this.

From experience, we have learned that under-feeding many reduce performance at school. There are many problems of development, which arises from poverty. For example if one or two children born at the same time is neglected and ill fed and the other cared for and well fed, the latter is likely to look stronger and healthier than the former. It is a fact that even if in later years the ill fed child gets good nutrition and well cared for, the child’s gets good continues to reflect his early neglect.

The fact that the child needs good physical care inform of good feeding makes parents a vital factor in the development of the child. It will be observed that what is said about the parents are regarding the child’s physical development is also true of his reasons why there are differences in the mental development or ability in the children in the schools. The environment, where they come from is never the same. Some environments are more stimulating than others. For example, just as with physical care, if one of two children born with the same mental ability has a good home background, former is most likely to have an additional advantage of being more able to benefit from school than the latter.

Also if a child has no decent dresses or shoes to wear to school, other children are likely to mock his bad dirty or turn clothes or shoes. Such a child may not be a happy child at school and may not be expected to produce his best performance in the school. The attitude of parents towards the day to day activities of their ward in and outside the home plays an importance role in their all round development.


The reasoning today in Nigeria is that the standard of education has fallen, thus leading to lots of arguments amongst scholars, traders, civil servant etc as the immediate and remote causes of the failure and the factors hindering high standard of education while we may blame both government teachers and children, the home which the pupils comes from leaves much to be desired.

It is important to note that we cannot exonerate the home which the child comes from which we are taking about pupils performance in schools. This skill living together as husband and wife or there have been separation in the home {broken home}, socio-economic status of the parents level of education of parents, family size and health facility.

To deal with the effects of broken homes on the academic performance of pupils, certain questions were asked these include: –

  1. To what extent does the socio-economic status of parents influence the academic performance of pupils?
  2. How the family structures in terms of broken homes affect the academic achievement of pupils.
  3. Is there any relationship between family structure and academic performance?
  4. How does the attitude of parents and sibling affect the academic performance of pupils?
  5. Is there any relationship between living conditions at home and the academic performance of pupils?


Broken home is one of the factors that can affect the academic achievement of a child at schools. The home is the bedrock of the child’s socialization processes. A child starts to learn about life as soon a he comes into this world. As a social animal the child does not learn in a vacuum but rather he actively learn in a society of human beings who influence his progress. Such society embodies the home, which the family belongs and the school. It has been argued that broken homes have an adverse effect on the educational outcome of the child by affecting his attitude in school.

It is observed that the pupil’s poor performance in their school work could be traced to their parents educational status, the parents socio-economic status and family structure of pupils.Broken Home

It is therefore the purpose of this study to investigate the effects of broken homes on the academic achievement of the pupils.Broken Home


The family all over the world is known to be a core unit of the larger society. Having known the effects of broken homes on the school learning of programme in schools. The teacher will be more informed of the consequences of broken homes on the school performance of the child. Also, from the findings of the study the teacher will be in a better position to appreciate the behaviour children from broken homes and to see them as unique individuals and teach them accordingly.Broken Home

At the end of the survey and analysis of the data collected, necessary recommendations would be made to appropriate government as to the area of assistance to parents and children from such homes so that in future they will be able to benefit from school learning.Broken Home


Records have shown that the standard of performance in our primary school is on the decline. The researcher is therefore eager to find out what exactly are the causes of the poor performance of children in their school learning.

The researcher wants to find out if there is any relationship between homes and falling standard of performance of primary school children with particular reference to children in Evboesi in Orhionmwon  Local Government Area of Edo State.

The researcher hopes to find out answers to the following questions.

  1. Could psychological and emotional disturbance lead to academic and social backwardness on a child?
  2. Could insecurity and unruly attitude of the surviving parents or step to children of broken homes lead to their attitude towards learning at school?
  3. Are these children being encourage academically by their sponsors?
  4. What are the effects of broken homes on the academic performance of children in primary school?


The researcher has been able to solve this research problem by closely examining the causes of broken homes and its effects on the academic performance of children in some selected primary schools.Broken Home

This study is limited to Evboesi Grammar School in Orhionmwon  local government area of Edo state. In the realization of similar conditions facing most students in Evboesi in Orhionmwon  local government area, the survey shall be focused on pupils in primary four and five.Broken Home


Family: The word family is used in this study to means a group of person formed of parents and children and is living in one house.Broken Home

Broken home: The term broken home as used here is a home in which there is separation or divorce between the couple, children who lost one of their parents.Broken Home

Learning: Learning is used to mean the behavioural change in the child, which is brought about by experience and usually by an external agent to the child.

Environment: This refers to all physical, social and cultural influence in the development of the child and which can be favourable or unfavourable. Broken Home

Development: The term development as used in this work means the physical and mental growth of the child.

1.8       ASSUMPTION

A child’s pre-school environment has a permanent effect of his subsequent physical, emotional and mental development. There is a close relationship between a child’s physical, mental and emotional life and his ability to learn at school.Broken Home

Family structure, parental attitude and emotion affect a child school attainment.Broken Home

The rate of separation of couples in higher in the urban area than in rural areas.Broken Home

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