The Effcet Of Classroom Managemnt And Control On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

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This research work has been designed to investigate the problems affecting classroom management and control and identify the solution facing the problem. This is to enable the researcher suggest measure that would solve the problem affecting classroom management and control. Chapter one, deals with the background purpose and significance of the study, in chapter two, the researcher carries out the literature review by reading book and browsing work relating to the problem of various writers and researcher and their opinion appears to level support to my findings, chapter three deals with the various techniques adopting in getting fact of the study. The use of questionnaire and interviewing methods were adopted to get the information required. The population of the study is made up of one hundred and twenty students and twenty teachers. Data collected from questionnaire were converted into figures and percentages which were arranged in tabular form. These were then discussed in chapter four and some recommendations were made by the researcher.



e of secondary school students in the academic performance of secondary school students, a case study of  selected secondary school in Ovia north east local government area is aimed at achieving discipline among student in that locality

In line with this, the purpose of this research is to carryout a survey of management problems among secondary school s in ova north east local government area of Edo state.

This study will also seek possible way of preventing these management problems among student in secondary by exposing them to simple classroom management control and rules


It is hoped that the study will help to enrich the teaching of classroom management and control in schools.

The researcher is interested in the study of classroom management and control because whatever happens the classrooms have a direct behaving to the performance of the students.

There should be discipline among the students to ensure executive teaching and learning. Discipline is important, it involves all the students in the school time table and also includes the teacher’s education officer’s i.e. teacher’s education officer’s i.e. teachers, parents, communities, policy makers in one way or the other, and for example the following generalization can be made about the students attending school they are well glad, happy and well nourished.

Finally, findings from the study will aid teachers in the management and control of their classroom.

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