Assessment Of The Role Of Cooperative Societies In Poverty Alleviation

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 Poverty Alleviation


Nigeria like other developing countries have done a lot in terms of improving the standards of its citizens through the provision of employment, shelter, food supplies, basic infrastructural facilities, good education system and a conducive political and socio – economic environment. Of all these deep-rooted social and economic ills, the most frightening is poverty, it is alarming because it’s capacity of learning all social fabric and social values. Consequently, all attempt made to reduce poverty cannot be improved.Poverty Alleviation

Nigeria, since independence has been battling on how to reduce poverty on its citizenry. In this regard, programmes, agencies. And a mission were drawn, instituted and formed to address this ugly issue or hydro – headed monster (poverty). We are all aware of the philosophies behind regional areas like the Northern Nigeria Development Cooperation (NNDC) Western Nigeria Development Cooperation (WNDC) and Eastern Nigeria Development Cooperation (ENDC).Poverty Alleviation
All these cooperation were constructed for the purpose of giving soft loans for the developmental projects and other employment opportunities to the respective regions from the federal government and from the limited sources of their respective regional areas.Poverty Alleviation

The introduction of cooperatives societies in Nigeria came about through the feasibility study of Mr. Strickland in his reported submitted in 1933 when the Nigeria government realized the significance of cooperative. This resulted to the formation of cooperative. Inspite of all these cooperation, agencies and societies have proved to be very potent in reducing the level of poverty in our society.Poverty Alleviation

Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Kaduna Multipurpose cooperative society was formed primarily to promote the general economic interest among its aimed at providing cash, kind and loan for necessary productive purpose with society as a means of income and with a reasonable convenient term of repayment. The multipurpose cooperatives society is formed to promote cooperatives spirit among its member and to work for the general improvement of the members living standard.
The cooperative society (FRCN) also engages in any meaningful business ventures or trading. Activities outsides the cooperative society so as to enhance the earnings of the society.Poverty Alleviation

Finally federal Radio Corporation Radio Corporation multipurpose cooperative society was formed to encourage the development of cooperatives movement in Nigeria

Poverty as a figure disturbing the people or society are due to the fact that all governmental schemes to alleviate poverty has not been shown in the study area.Poverty Alleviation

The unemployment situation in the society is at the increasing rate among the people due to the limitation of cooperatives awareness in the society. The people fail to know or understand what cooperative really means or is taking about. Due to the high population of Nigeria, which impose the problems of poverty as to no job opportunities in the societies.Poverty Alleviation

Again despite all the effort of poverty alleviation by the cooperatives movement, there are obstacles that hinder people from participating and enjoying these economic developments. Such obstacles are: lack of adequate cooperative education or awareness and enlightenment amongst the populace as such people respond to cooperative movement very poor. Those who are actively involved in this movement of the cooperatives do not also fully enjoy the economic aspect of the movement, which is the foremost objective of cooperative. This is because of the lack or inadequate cooperative knowledge of its members. Also improper management by committee members of different societies.Poverty Alleviation

This research work, will examine ways of solving the set aside problems that hinders the full participation and enjoyment of the cooperative movement activities by its member, towards poverty alleviation and the betterment of their social –economic activities.Poverty Alleviation

The objectives of the study are to find out whether cooperative societies can help in the alleviation of poverty. It is also an objective of the study to make comparison on findings from this exercise with previous studies on the same research topic, Again, the objective of the study is to examine if all cooperative principles is best applied in the cooperative societies.Poverty Alleviation
It is equally an objective of the study to examine the extent of people’s involvement in cooperative particularly in the rural areas.Poverty Alleviation

The data Collected analyzed and summarized will be used for decision and possibly recommendations will be forwarded to the parties concerned.Poverty Alleviation

Following the objectives of the study as earlier stated, the significance of this study in the first place, is that, it will assist to bring into focus the real cooperative activities, what they are doing and what can be done to tackle the socio – economic problems of the people for possible appreciation of the places of cooperatives societies in the economy and in the role of poverty reduction among members.Poverty Alleviation

The importance of this study is to underline the fact that poverty is today the dominant factor in the Nigeria human development. This study therefore is expected that the wider dimension of poverty government as well as cooperative societies effort in alleviating poverty will be examined.Poverty Alleviation

This research work is of great significance to the area under study because the group and individual member of the society or the area under study will morally and mentally benefit from the knowledge’s and information, which this study will make available for continuous enlightenment. So as to remain conscious and enlightened for greater participation in the cooperative movement.Poverty Alleviation

1. Do cooperative societies enhance the living standard of its bonafide members?
2. Could Low enrolment of Individuals lead to failure of cooperative society?
3. What is the extend of people involvement in cooperative particularly the working class?
4. What are the basic economic activities being carried out by cooperative to alleviate poverty?

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