The role of advertisement in newspaper patronage(a case study of nigerian tribune newspaper ltd., ibadan).

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tribune newspaper nigeria, The project is titled “The Role of Advertisement in Newspaper Patronage: A case study of Nigerian Tribune Newspaper; a stable of African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) PLC   Ibadan. The purpose of this research work is to find out the role of Advertisement in Newspaper patronage with a special focus on Tribune Newspaper. Survey method was adopted as research methodology with questionnaire as data collection instrument; Inhabitants of two local governments were randomly selected in Osun state. Boluwaduro and Boripe Local Governments respectively, 60 respondents were chosen as sample size. The review of existing literature revealed that no organization can survive in a competition driven without advertisement. The history and revolution of information technology have forced a lot of media organizations to rethink the way of attracting patronage and maintain existing ones. The analysis of data gathered shows that majority of the respondents believed that newspaper advertisement has helped in increasing the sales of newspaper especially for Nigeria Tribune Newspaper. The researcher concluded that advertisement by newspaper house is a sine-qua-non to purchase of Newspapers in Nigeria. It is recommended that NUJ and NPAN should ensure that media houses should uphold high standard of professional practice and adhere strictly to the ethics of the profession in lieu of the huge amount of money realized from Advertisers in the Newspapers. tribune newspaper nigeria




The history of advertising can be traced to Egypt, where availability of products where local, that is, street wheels used by peddlers to hawk their wares. Greek made use of his by shouting announcement of the sales of the cattle and slaves, in Rome signs were pasted up producing area and gladiator matches. Examples of advertising have also been founded in Pompeii and Carthage Daramola, (2001:217).Newspaper Patronage

Advertising has often been defined functionally and semantically and there are quite a number of such definitions around. Wright Warner and Winter for example defined advertising as “controlled identifiable information and persuasion by means of the mass media” while the (British) institute of Advertising: Practitioners sees it as presenting “the most persuasive selling message to the right prospects of the product or services at the lowest possible cost”.Newspaper Patronage

The state popularly defined Advertising (91982:26) “as the product of services inform his potential consumers to why, low and when they should buy that product or services”. Adler and Lever defined advertising consisting of all forms of paid, non personal, all their activities by which oral or visual message are addressed to the public at large or to a selected numbers of people informing them about and influencing them to buy the product and services featured in the advertisements.Newspaper Patronage, tribune newspaper nigeria

To Adeniran (1989:2) and Ogechukwu (1997) advertising is a group of activities among including dissemination of information in any paid, product or services to compel action in advertisement.Newspaper Patronage

The most popular and widely acceptable definition however seems to be that given by the American Marketing Association (A.M.A) as follow “ Advertising is any paid form of non–personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”.Newspaper Patronage

The key words of this definition are paid from”, “non-personal” “presentation and promotion”, ideas, goods or services” and “identified sponsor. A quick consideration of these key words reveals how the American Marketing Associations Committee on definition intends to distinguish advertising from other functions like publicity, personal selling and propaganda with which it is often confused.Newspaper Patronage, tribune newspaper nigeria

However, in the period of abundance, films try as much as possible to stimulate demand for their products. They are not satisfied merely with products, and trust them to chance that customers will get to know about their products through the impersonal inter-play of market fearless. If the customers are not in formed. They may not know that particular product or services.Newspaper Patronage

The producers of a new existing product or services must disseminate information about their products in order to gain acceptance for their new products and to compete with others products already established in the market. The task of informing and persuading customers does not even cease with the market acceptance of new products. This is because customers must continuously presented with the products that have gained acceptance, because a market changes when new products comes in to challenge the already existing one.Newspaper Patronage

Further more, businessman are aware that if a better product or better service is rendered, consumers will not necessary take pains to inform themselves of its wants satisfying attitudes and where it can be purchased. Hence the need for advertising the products.Newspaper Patronage

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. While marketing is known to be activity that has to do with the movement of goods and services from the manufacturer to the customers.Newspaper Patronage


It is an essential part of every project work to have statement of the problem. In view of the above background to the study, the statement of the problem of this project work is the role of advertisement in Newspaper patronage” using the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper Ltd., Ibadan, Nigeria as a case study.Newspaper Patronage

Newspaper publishing is a capital intensive business, which depends solidly on huge amount of capital for is sustainability, also, it depends on readership to attracts advertisement from corporate organization because of the economic hardship in the country, Newspaper organization placed advertisement in the electronic media to highlight their major stories they think will attract readers.Newspaper Patronage


The research intends to ask the following questions:

  • To what extent has advertisement attracted corporate organizations to newspaper in Nigeria?
  • Do readers buy newspaper because of the advertisement in the newspaper?
  • To what extent do newspaper advertisement contributed to increase in the patronage of newspapers?
  • To what extent have Nigeria Tribune Newspaper been able to improve Nigeria economy?
  • To what extent has Nigerian Tribune Newspaper been able to satisfy the needs of its numerous customers?



The purpose of this study is to draw out how advertising services as an effective tool for successful marketing. That is, to show how advertising change the consumer’s attitudes towards company’s products, to deduce their significance and role of advertising on Nigerian populace.


The study will be of benefit to all media organization on the role of advertisement in boosting their products or services patronage among target consumers. Similarly advertising agencies, marketing executives, and media school including students will benefit from the study.


The main objectives of the study are to determine the role that advertisement play in newspaper patronage in Nigeria that is, the importance of advertisement in enhancing newspaper patronage and to make recommendations.Newspaper Patronage


The scope of this study covers the literature review of some authors on the advertisings, and vital role it plays in the marketing activities of an organization and its effect on Nigerian Tribune Newspaper as a case study.

The information gathered from people will be used to make generalization on the significance of advertising for successful marketing.Newspaper Patronage


The limitation of this research is as follows:

  • Financial constraint
  • Inadequate materials
  • Time constraints
  • Unfriendly attitude exhibited by some people
  • Unforeseen logistical problems


Advertising: – Adler and level defines advertising “consisting of all forms of paid, non personal presentation, all the activities by wish oral or visual messages are addressed to the public at large or to a selected numbers of people informing them about and influencing them to buy the product or services.

Dissemination: – spread information, knowledge, so that it will reach many people.

Patronage: – the support, especially financial that is given to a person or an organization or the system by which an important person gives help or a job to somebody in return for their support.

Organization: – a group who form a business, bank, club etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.

Newspaper – a set of large printed sheets of papers containing news, articles, advertisement etc and published everyday or every week.

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