The Effects Of Parental Socio-Economic Status On The Delinquent Behaviour Of Students In Nigeria

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The Effects Of Parental Socio-Economic Status On The Delinquent Behaviour Of Students In Nigeria

Socio-Economic Status


This paper explores the issue of parental socio-economic status on students’ academic achievement in secondary schools, the relationship between home-based environment factors and the academic performance of students in selected secondary schools within a local government area in Enugu State is investigated. Samples were obtained with one hundred and eighty (180) students randomly selected from three secondary schools. The four factors that were examined and statistically analyzed were: parental socio-economic background, parental educational background, parental educational qualification and students’ health statuses.

Diverse statistical tests were performed on the various data collected to establish statistical significance of the effects on students’ academic performance. Parental socio-economic status and parental educational background did not have significant effect on the academic performance of the students. However, the parental educational qualification and health status of the students were identified to have statistical significant effect on the academic performance of the students. The two variables that indicated significant influence do reflect nature of the student home environment and played notable role in the academic achievement of the respondents.

Government could intervene to raise level of academic achievement among students in rural area. Introduction: Education not only provides knowledge and skills, but also inculcates values, training of instincts, fostering right attitude and habits. According to Muhammed and Muhammed (2010) they are of the opinion that, cultural heritage and values are transmitted from one generation to another through Education.

The responsibility of training a child always lies in the hand of the parents. This is congruent with the common assertion by sociologist that education can be an instrument of cultural change which is being taught from home is relevant in this discuss. It is not out of place to imagine that parental socio-economic background can have possible effects on the academic achievement of children in school. Whatsoever affect the developmental stage of children would possibly affect their education or disposition to it.

Parental status is one of such variables. When a woman’s nutritional status improves, so too does the nutrition of her young children “Parents of different occupational classes often have different styles of child rearing, different ways of disciplining their children and different ways of reacting to their children. These differences do not express themselves consistently as expected in the case of every families, rather they influence the average tendencies of families for different occupational classes.” (Rothestein, 2004).

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