Impediments to effective supervision of instruction in secondary school.



The paper highlighted the meaning of supervision including supervision of instruction. It mirrored the purposes of supervision and the qualities of a supervisor. The impediments to effective supervision werehighlighted. The paper further established the meaning of quality assurance and the relationship betweeninstructional supervision and quality assurance. In conclusion, it was made clear that quality assurance canonly be guaranteed and the purposes of secondary education achieved under fertile conditions, one of whichis effective supervision of instruction in Nigerian secondary schools. Suggestions were then put forward.
All organizations including churches, corporate enterprises and schools exist essentially toachieve certain stated objectives. To ensure the achievement the stated objectives, such organizations areguided by certain principles and mechanisms in order to ensure success. One of such mechanismsincludes supervision. Secondary education is of course a very important segment of the education ladder both in Nigeria and elsewhere. This is because secondary education not only produces middle levelmanpower for the economy, it also prepares its beneficiaries for tertiary education.
The Concept of Supervision
In the words of Moorar in Kochhar (2005), supervision include those activities which are primarily and directly concerned with studying and improving the conditions of which surround thelearning and growth of pupils. Supervision is that which helps to improve the teaching function (Igbo,2002). According to Nwaogu (1980), supervision is the process of helping, guiding, advising and stimulating growth in asubordinate in order to improve on the quality of his work. Supervision is therefore any programmewhich helps teachers achieve both qualitative and quantitative instructional delivery. From the foregoing,it could easily be deduced that supervision is an indispensable variable in the teaching learning process, aswell as the overall school and educational objectives. Supervision involves supervising the teaching cumclassroom activities of the teacher.It is important to state that supervision of instruction can only be said to be effective if it achievesits stated objectives, which is quality instructional delivery.
Anything to the contrary means the failure ofthe programme of supervision. It then becomes imperative to distinguish between supervision an dinspection. Both processes aim at checking the work of subordinates. Inspection as a concept is however more outdated. It aims at evaluating the work of the teacher. It is more prone to fault finding. On the other hand, supervision which is a more modern concept aims at helping the teacher improve on his work.It aims at helping the teacher become a better teacher, especially in his capacity to deliver quality instruction to the students

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