Influence of community radio in agricultural development in enugu state

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Influence of community radio in agricultural development in enugu state

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agricultural development


INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyIn every society we find ourselves, the need for the rules to reach outimprove the standard of the ruled is imperative. The system must rely upon aregular two-way flow of information between the government and the citizens ofthe country, we have seen subsequent administration, be it military or civiliancoming out with one programme or the other aimed at improving the standard oflife that are found in the rural or communities areas, who obviously form the bulkof the Nigerian population.In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that no nation candevelop without deliberately undertaking the development of its community suchdevelopment or transformation is however, possible only when the communitypopulation is various areas are participate in activities directed at their owndevelopment as well as the development of the nation, by the government.The significant role of information in policy formulation cannot be overemphasized. This is because well cor-ordinated system of informationdissemination brings about significant change in the society. There is no doubt that communication is as old as man himself is. It was throughthe effective nature of communication for example,Oputa J.S.C September, 20 1993 agreed with thiswhen he said that “There is no doubt the mass media the press the radio and allthese have a tremendous influence of our behavior modern man will readily agreethat many of his attitudes, judgments and stance on various social or political issueare heavily influenced or even shaped by his exposure to ideas and suggestions,feed in him by the mass media”To achieve the above task, the radio programmes instrument to thetransformation of the general life of the people. The programmes must reflect theproblems and aspirations of the society they serve.Further more, the programmes which are intended to enhance the socialawareness of the individual and faster national unity, cultural integration, must alsomake the individual an because “we see the mass media of communication aspossessing that magical awareness, creating innovative, knowledge impartingempathy raising and knowledge and skill multiplying.It is a well know fact that radio seeks to informs, stimulate, educate,entertain and mobilize the citizen for development.agricultural development

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