Product Development In Nigerian Commercial Banks

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1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Objective of study

1.4              Significance of the study

1.5              Delimitation limitation and scope

1.6              Definition term


2.0 Review of related literature


3.0       Research design and methodology

3.1              Sources of data and secondary

3.2              Location of data

3.3              Method of data collection


4.0       Summary and finding







1.1       BACKGROUND

This topic titled the product development in Nigeria commercial bank.  Today commercial bank and banks in general are faced with a lot of competition and problem in the banking sector/ market so commercial bank and banks in general don’t wait for customers but they look for customers because of the competition in the filled.

To days business is dynamic in nature and the only business that is dynamic is banking is banking business. Due to the nature of business in today’s society there is a lot of challenges that faces our business mostly in the banking sector. For these challenges to be tackled bank must develop their product to match their business and it can be done by improving the old product or bring a new product into the banking business each product have life cycle that is why banks must renew improve or invent new product so that their customer will be retain in the banks.

This work is to identify the product available in banks.

This work is to identify the product available in banks by so doing to know how the product can be developed and the hindrances facing product development in the banks.  Also to know how it will project  the bank profit and satisfy there customer because their customers is the first thing they should have in mind.


Product development in commercial bank is a nonstop thing event that bankers do must all the time so that they can satisfy customers.

In product development by commercial bank they must tackle  and this problem makes it difficult for banks to introduce new product even old ones lack patronage because of the problem this problem after the level of income and also affect the profit of the commercial banks and banks in general.

The customers most esteems don’t know more or at all about the new or old product of the bank and it make the product not to be patronized by the customers and the banks will be effects as well poor education affect the customers it means that they are not deviational wise on the bank product and also some bank staff/ banks don’t know how to equip their staff to help carry on the job of product development to their customers so that profit will be minimized.

Finally due to poor handling of the product by bank by not puffing the product   in the right track the product get small attention by their customers their by being poor profit to the bank.

1.3              OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The main aim of this study is to look inside the commercial bank and examine their entire product in this the researcher rends to discover how the commercial banks/ banks develop their product and also to state other objective like:

a.                   To discover if the product develop satisfy the customers that bank have.

b.                  To discover the problem the  banks get in developing new products in the there bank.

c.                   To discover how the commercial banks divide their product into different department effective use and also profit maximization in the  bank.

d.                  To discover the problem means of educating the  banks customers on there product and who they most use the product and the benefit the  customer  will get form the product.

e.                   Finally to tell the commercial banks the solution or recommendation that may help them for better customers bank relationship there by satisfying their customer need and also increasing their own profit in the banking business for better prospect.

1.4              SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY   

This study will open the management staff of commercial banks/banks eyes to know the area they are lacking behind and to improve on satisfaction to there customer.

The management start of the banks will make sure that there product are introduced to there customers which will help the bank to most there expectations in the business.  Also by doing that it will attract new customers for the banks and retain the old ones there by making the bank not to go into unwanted competition with one another.

The commercial banks/bank with the help of this small work (research) will open the banks eye on the extend of there competitor/ competition  in the business.  Also discover the type of product other banks  officer to there customers how improved their product and how to retain their customer and gain new one as well.

Finally the research will help the banks to know that good product developed well will increase the profit level of the banking sector business.  Also that it will bring move profit for the banking sector. Their this work will be useful to all banks and public mostly to the people that needs it for more knowledge expansion in the  banking or educational sector

1.5                DEFINITION OF TEAM

In this the researcher will like to define come of the terms that people may came across in this work. This term are commonly used in this work and may be seen frequently in this work and there are.

a.         Product:         This can be define as bring out new thing/ result or something that is manufactured or produced.

b.         Development: This can be define as growth or expand it may be standing up something.

c.         F.B.N:             It means first bank of Nigeria

d.         U.B.N:            It means union bank of Nigeria

e.         P.L.C: It mean public limit company. In this it shows that the company have sold their share to the public.

f.          A/C: It means account in this it can be current or soundings account that the banks operate.

This are the most common term that will be commonly used in this work so it must be stated will for people to understand.

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