Employee participation and the influence on job satisfaction of the ‘new generation’ of Chinese employees

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The participation of ‘new generation’ employees in management and their satisfaction in the workplace, respectively, remain more than ever important issues in the Chinese societal context in particular, as well as having wider implications for human resource management in general. This study accordingly explores the influence of employee participation mechanisms on the satisfaction of this new generation of employees – by carrying out empirical research in the manufacturing industry in China. The main theoretical contribution aims to show that the participation of such new generation employees in management, supervision and decision-making has a significantly positive impact on their work satisfaction. Furthermore, the employees’ willingness to participate (participation intention) appears to play a moderating role between actual participation on the one hand, and satisfaction on the other. Such findings, we argue, potentially apply not only in the societal context of China but might also resonate more widely across other countries in the global economy.

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