Availability Of Qualified Teacher In Effective Teaching And Learning Of geography In Junior Secondary School In Enugu Educational Zone, Enugu

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Availability Of Qualified Teacher In Effective Teaching And Learning Of  GEOGRAPHY In Junior Secondary School In Enugu Educational Zone, Enugu

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Qualified Teacher


This study seeks to evaluate the availability of qualified teachers for effective teaching and learning of geography in our junior secondary schools using schools in Enugu zone in Enugu state as our focal point. Pragmatist theory which is a philosophical example of innovation based on policy orientation and abstract world view, pure ideas as the Yardstick (tool) for assessment, teaching and learning of geography was adopted as our theoretical framework. Our method of data collection is primary sources which helps us to organize the information in quantitative form. Qualified Teacher
Two hypotheses tested are that we lack qualified teachers in geography in Enugu zone and that performance of students in geography is poor.Qualified Teacher
The study recommends that the ministry of education will sit up and take the bull by the horn in nipping it in the bud the endemic problem. Non-dedicated and incompetent teachers should be shown the way out while provisions will be made for the reward of teachers and students to enhance greater performance output and productivity.Qualified Teacher

Table of Content

Title page
Approval page
Table of Contents


Background of the study
Statement of the problem
Significance of the study
Research question
Research hypothesis
Scope of the study
Limitations of the study


Literature Review
The role of education ministry in a changing society


Research methodology
Sources of data
Primary sources of data
Secondary sources of data
The population of the study
Method of data collection
Questionnaire design distribution and collection of responses
Distribution and collection method
Method of data analysis


Data presentation and analysis
Analysis of the research questions


Summary of the findings
Conclusion of the findings
Recommendation of the findings

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