Impact Of Drug Trafficking And Abuse In Our Nations Image, Content Analysis Of Selected International And Local Media Contents On Nigeria




I choose to write on Drug and trafficking because it has assumed a global concern, even in the sporting sphere, it is being questioned.  The press has devoted lots of its spaces and airtime to attack the monster its impact is very disturbing and divesting without concerted efforts of all and sundry it may be a scourge that may threaten the entire world for the rest of this millennium and beyond.

The phenomenon is a problem for youths everywhere nowadays, parents, teachers and neighbors to have problems with drugs, know many Nigerian adolescents many bright promising young boys and girls have been effected by drug abuse, the luckily once temporarily, the unfortunate once for long periods.  Many adolescent are doing time in the prisons for engaging in drug trafficking.

In spite of the above facts, this issue is not only peculiar to youths alone, some adults have found solace and fortunes in drug abuse and trafficking, and encouraged the young minds with their spurious financial backing as they serve as barons, this has constituted a great image problem with the crusading attacks from world press on this nation.


  • Literature Review                                              14 – 15

2.1  The meaning of Drug Trafficking and Offence                                     15 – 17

  • Drug abuse trafficking Global Tends         17 – 19
  • Research for Drug trafficking                                                     19 – 20
  • The effects of Drug Trafficking on the nation’s image         20 – 21
  • The effects of Drug Abuse on the Nation        21 – 22
  • The good intentions of government to drug control       22 – 24

And fight against drug trafficking

  • The Role of the media in the fight against       24 – 25

Drug abuse and trafficking

  • Eradication of Drug Trafficking                             25 – 27



  • Methodology                     28

3.1  Research Method                                                                                 28 – 29

  • Research Design      30 – 31
  • Population sample                                                                              31
  • Measuring Instrument           32
  • Date collection     32 – 33

Reference                                                                                             34



  • Date Analysis and Results                                              35

4.1  Analysis of Demographics                                                         35 – 41

  • Test of Hypotheses/Research Question    41 – 45
  • Results/AS in Appendix                                              45 – 51
  • Discussion   52 – 53

References                                                                                            54



  • Summary and Recinnebdatuibs                                                          55

5.1  Summary                                                                                             55 – 56

  • Recommendation for further study                        57 – 60

Reference                                                                                   61 – 63

Bibliography                                                                                       64 – 66

Appendix                                                                                            67 – 74




The term drug scientifically denotes any substance other than food, which by its chemical nature and implication when taken affects the normal function of the living organism.  This term may also include any number of household, industrial chemicals and even agricultural substances in other words, to physician; an abuse of the drug is inflammatory.  Socially speaking, the reactions to the use of drugs are based on emotional responses rather than on factual information placing it in the right perspective.

Drug abuse could also denote the excess use or wrong of self-administration of drugs without the doctor’s prescription.  This may have an effect on the central nervous system and so on the mind, mood, behaviors and eventually, the total health and personality of the individual.



Drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria dates back to many years ego, in the colonial era, during their administration introduced many of educated



Nigerians into the taking of hard drugs like cocaine, heroine and the most common Indian hemp in consonance with the then manual labour in order to ginger them to put more and more of their efforts on the job.

Subsequently, drug trafficking began to spread even after the colonial masters left the country.  Then in the two decades, it became a major economic activities among Nigeria who see the monetary gain of drug trafficking and then came the act of peddling in drugs for this monetary gain and some times for definite consumption which could be from one part of the country to another.

Consequently, the impact of this act of abuse of the drug or trafficking is as strong an impression on something and the stemma of being ear marked as a drug addict or peddler.

Against the negative implication of drug abuse and trafficking, the background of this study is aimed at assessing the impact of drug trafficking and abuse on a nation’s image – with particular content analysis of selected international and local media content on Nigeria.


The Nigeria society has been crawling with all forms of social maladies.  This ranges from picking pockets, cultism down to drug abuse and trafficking these activities of non – social status is the work of our teeming youths and graduates, who have wondered on streets of Nigeria cities and find no job opportunities in the saturated labour markets where you must have strong connections to be able to join the market.  Some of those who perpetrate the drug trafficking are the ones who have lost their jobs due to some minor problems they had with their employers.  These undue attitudes and behaviors of the Nigeria citizens pose a serious problem to the Nigerian.

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