Accounting Procedure In Hotels (A Case Study Of Zodiac Hotels Limited Enugu)

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This project topic on accounting procedure in Hotels under a case study of (Zodiac Hotel Enugu Nigeria Limited) will be discussed under consecutive chapters for clarity purpose.Accounting system is essential in every business sector which hotels is not an exceptional due to the important it is in our economy (Nigeria).  There are basic procedures which are needed to be applied in hotel activities so as to determine whether there is profit or loss.The introductory aspects of the project will cover the chapter one which includes the background of the study, statement of the problem, research questions, objective of the study, definition of terms and significance of the study as well.  Statement of the problem has to do with the existing phenomenon in the hotel which may either be favorable or unfavorable. Chapter two deals with review of related literature, literature review will enable the research to consult other documentaries that are relevant to accounting concepts, business entity concepts the money measurement concept and dual aspect concept, with other information that the researcher will develop on his own.Research methodology as chapter three, the researcher methodology has to do with the procedure in which the researcher will adopt in other to collect information from the respondent.  Methods of data collection includes researcher questionnaires, oral interview and observation. Furthermore, sampling will be adopted so as to represent the whole population of the study, the researcher will also determine the sampling size as well as the source of data (primary and secondary data).Chapter four as data presentation and data analysis whereby the researcher will present all the information on a tabular form with percentage and frequency column.  All the individual response will be presented, the table and by analyses each of their individual perception.Finally, the chapter five as the summary of findings,  will be gathered based on the information sources on the chapter under data presentation and analysis. In addition, recommendation will be prepared to zodiac Hotel on accounting procedure which will be adopted thereby proceeded with conclusion which the research will adopt.
Title page
Table of contents
Chapter one
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Statement of the problem
1.2 Purpose of the study
1.3 Significance of the study
1.4 Scope and limitation
1.5 Research question
1.6 Definition of term
Chapter two
2.0 Literature review
2.1 The accounting concepts
2.1.1 Business entity concepts
2.1.2 The money measurement concept
2.1.3 Dual aspect concept
2.1.4 The going concern concept
2.1.5 Historical cost concept
2.1.6 The realization concept
2.1.7 The accrual concept
2.1.8 The matching concept
2.2 Accounting conventions
2.2.1 Prudence/conservatism convention
2.2.2 Consisting convention
2.2.3    Materialize convention
2.3 Organization of accounts
2.4 Accounting practice/procedure
2.4.1 Preamble
2.4.2 Cash management
2.4.3 Cash receipts and payment
2.4.4 Purchase of Goods and services
2.4.5 Store keeping and stock control
2.4.6 Sales income
2.4.7 Preparation and payment of salaries and wages
2.4.8 Financial reports and statements
2.5 Chart of accounts
2.5.1 Journals books
2.5.2 The general ledger
Chapter three
3.0 Research methodology
3.1 Population and sample size
3.2 Source of data
3.3 Nature  of data analysis
Chapter four
4.0 Data presentation and analysis
4.1 Preamble
4.2 Hypothesis testing
Chapter five
5.0 Summary of findings
5.1 Recommendations
5.2 Conclusion
Appendix i
Appendix ii

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