an evaluation of management training and development in guardian newspaper ltd, lagos

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The focus of this project is a management training and development in the Guardian Newspaper Ltd, Isolo, Lagos.  The problem of discriminatory practices in selecting staff for staff training, lack of training and development facilities by the management on the progress of the organization, but interested on enriching themselves were the major issues that motivated the researcher to pick up the topic for investigation.

The researcher had the underlisted objectives which are:

1.         To find out problems associated with management training and development in the Guardian Newspaper Ltd, Isolo, Lagos.

2.         To recommend solution to those problems reviews of relevance literature was equally carried out and the aim focus was in the area of the concept of training and development in organization and problem associated with it.

Questionnaires were used strictly for collecting data for the study and chi-square statistical methods for analysis was adopted in analysis of the data presented.  All problems associated with management training and development militated against the advancement of employees in this organization and led to decrease in productivity.

Three hypotheses were equally formulated and tested to validate the data analysis.  The result of the test was the fact that management training is a necessary ingredient for the attainment of organization set objectives.

On the basis of the findings, the researcher put forward some recommendations:

i.                    That the company should be using application forms for recruiting new staff.

ii.                  Staff responsible for the selecting of staff for training should be instructed to apply selecting criteria without unlawful discrimination.

iii.                In order to improve their performance and increase turnover, training and development is very essential as at when due.

iv.                Funds allocated for training should be utilized appropriately.

Areas for future researches should be recommended as thus:

There should be determination on the rate at which performance of trained employee is greater than the untrained, where untrained staff will be used as a controlled group while trained staff as an experimental group.

Findings should be made to know whether employees advancement is really determined by acquisition of additional qualifications, work experience, performance level of favourism.

Finally, the company should endeavour to give helping hands that adequate research is doing on the areas listed above relevant data should be given when required.



1.0              Introduction

1.1       General Background of Subject Matter

1.2       Problem associated with the subject matter

1.3       Problem that the Researcher study

1.4       Importance of Studying the Area

1.5       Definition of Important term

1.6       Reference


2.1              Literature Review

2.2              Origin of the Subject area

2.3              School of thought relevance to the problem of the search

2.4              Different method of studying the problem

2.5              Summary

2.6              Reference


3.0       Conclusion

3.1       Data presentation of the study

3.2       Analysing of the data

3.3       Conclusion

3.4       Recommendation

3.5       References



The purpose of training and development is to bring the skill of individual employees of an organization up to the desired standard for the present or potential assignment more broadly and this development provide the basic skill and knowledge required in carrying out various specialized part in overall task of the organization.  And help to ensure that these development experiences are of co-ordinated and in line with the needs of the individual and the organization.

These experiences may be provided in the form of continuity flow of instructions, commands, criticisms, question and suggestions.  In terms of induction course after employment and before placement on a permanent job.  This might last between one month to three months.

Apprenticeship is an example of long, more extensive kind of skill training, although it may include general course as well.


Training and development are perceived over the world as the vehicles of transformation of employee by the employer to achieve the organizational goal.  Any attempt to determine the most effective process, there are certain problems that will need immediate energy such as:

1.         How can training needs be determined and how can a training need be distinguished from an organization need that can be satisfy in some other ways?

2.         How are the utility (reactive) of various training method and devices?

3.         How can people be motivated to increase their capabilities for contributing to the attainment of organizational objective?

4.         How can it be determined and what extent can the objective of the training programme be achieved?

If training or development programme are imposed upon people and are interpreted as punishment for differences, there will be little enthusiasm and probably little effective learning and also if the training programme are imposed upon an already over-worked or stressfully individual, the learning is likely to interfere with the effective performance and effective learning.  Furthermore, if what is learned by employee in contrary to the behavioural patterns of work environment will not tolerate expression of what has being learnt.


It is well known fact that an organization cannot operate without facing problem, one or the other.  In essence, there is always a problem which can either be solved, eliminate or minimized with the adoption of integrated or effective planning programmes to any organization large or small requires staffing them with competent well trained personnel.

This study aims at finding solution to the following problems.

1.         Non identification of training needs by supervisor, either independently or in co-operation with assistant from a training department.

2.         Lack of fund, by the organization to send employee on training programmes.  This is because by the time they meet up with raw materials and other overheads the money will finish if not well planned.

3.         No systematic procedure for training of staff.

4.         Adequate attention to meet the needs of trainees is not there.

5.         There is lack of interest by the organization management in the progress of the organization but interested in enriching themselves.

6.         Unexposed of the organization to the banquet of trained staff in the organization.

7.         Non-conversant of employees with his/her employer might jeopardize the training of such staff.

There are so many purposes in relation to this study based on the importance of employee training and development.  There are many others set out for the researcher to address in the course of this study.

The purposes of the study include:

1.         To find out if employee training and development is necessary tool for attainment of the organizational objectives.

2.         To find out how employee training and development should be administered in an organization.

3.         To find out the associated problem of the employee training and development in the Guardian Newspaper Limited, Lagos.


The finding of this study will significantly contribute to the importance of the employee training and development of the Guardian Newspaper Limited, Lagos which the management should try to eliminate certain possible flaws in them.  It is my believe that retraining and appropriate learning experience will be established and the recommendations outline in his study useful of those recommendation are adopted.  This study will also provide in solving certain employee training and management problem, especially manpower, inventory problem, manpower planning, employee performance problems and determination of future manpower needs.  This thesis will certainly stand to gain from the study.  In the sense that when an organization function properly, employment opportunities will be opened to the masses through normal recruitment and selection of social amenities for the benefit of the public.

This study will certainly enlighten management on the effect of training on employee performance.  The study will actually reveal to the management how justified the training and development.  It is expected that the study will serve as a medium through which the attitude is view, perceptions, and beliefs of employees could be known.  It shows how satisfied they will, regards to training programmes and to job performance.  Management will also know the ruining and development of an employee will serve as a motivation on his job performance.

Student in higher institution of learning who are conducting study in similar field would equally derive some benefit from the study.  This is so because the study would act as reference material to them.


The study is limited to Guardian Newspaper Limited, Lagos, formerly and publisher of African Guardian News Magazine.

The study will be focused on the senior staff/management of the organization.  It will touch such area of training and development education, performance of an employer before and after training. It will involve methods and criteria used in selecting employees for training.

In course of conducting the study, various textbooks on Business Management, Journals and Magazines and Newspapers were consulted to find employee training and development.

In the course of writing this project, certain problems are encountered.  There was a problem of getting the respondents on seat to complete the questionnaires as most of them were also having busy programmes as managers or supervisors.

Time factor and funds were also another constraint to the researcher, as some were misplaced or not complete.  These reduce the expected sample size.

Academic workload is another constraint likewise office work because to combine research work with classroom work and office work is not an easy task to bear of course, these difficulties of meeting up with time as the frame granted for the submission of the project was rather too brief.

To carry out the research effectively, three null (MD) were formulated to guide the study:

i.                    Employee training development is necessary ingredient for the attainment of organization set objectives.

ii.                  Training improved job performance of employees.

iii.                Career development and promotion of employee is dependent.


In this study, some basis assumed were made which in the opinion of the researcher the necessary encouragement to continue with the study.

The researcher assumed that management staff and other employees of Guardian Newspaper Limited with should give researcher the necessary information and data required for conducting the study.

The researcher also assumed that the respondents will complete the questionnaire on time to enable the study to be completed on record time too.  It was also belief of the researcher that the supervisor will give researcher the guidance and direction necessary for the completion of the project.



This is defined by directorate of manpower of the government of Indian, to be referred to in economic context as “the managerial, scientific, engineering, technical craftsmen and other skills which are employed (or could be employed) in designing the development organization and managing productive and service enterprises and economic constitutions.


Manpower development means the development of the talent, knowledge and skills of people for the production of goods and services.


This is the organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and skills for definite purpose.


Learning can be defined as the human process by which skills, knowledge, habits and attitude are acquired and utilized in such a way that behaviour is modified.  It can also be defined as a change in behaviour which more or less permanent in nature.


Garath Stainer is of the view that manpower planning aims to maintain and improve the ability of the organization to achieve corporate objective of the organization through the development of strategies designed to enhance the contribution of manpower at all times in the foreseeable future.


Refers to the extent to which the knowledge skills and energies available in people are infact being used effectively for the economic and social development.


In the project, those in level 0-17 are referred to as senior employees.  These include confidential secretary, principal personnel secretary, executive officers, trainee officers managers, senior and chief typists.


Job enlargement represents a definite movement way from simplified jobs, by extending the job content to include an under-range of task.  The aim is to increase task variety by changing job content.


Job enrichment extends the context of jobs to provide the greater satisfaction of the individual need and goals and greater intrinsic motivation by a combination enlargement, autonomy and responsibility.


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