Group Projects: How to Write & Source Project Materials

Ever Wondered How to Write Group Projects on Given Project Topics?

Group projects can be difficult because different individuals have different writing styles and mindsets. Everyone needs to be on the same page for a group project to work, but this is sadly easier said than done.

There are some factors involved that you must follow to carry out a competent group project and this final guide on writing a group project on network security highlights all the important factors you need to know.

The most important thing is organization. There should be mutual consent in every decision you take to avoid issues. Besides being organized, students need to be aware of their responsibilities, be patient, creative and helpful to their fellow members.

Let’s have a look at the necessary factors that are required in a group project writing:

Sharing Responsibilities. Make sure that everybody gets a chance to contribute their piece of work to the project. For this, planning is important.

You need to be respectful to your fellow members. Talk among yourself and divide tasks. Everyone should be “utilized” in the best possible way. If someone’s good at research, the person should do research and not something else. If there’s a conflict, talk and end it.

Team Work. You should strategize and bound every member into writing at least 3 objectives or more regarding the topic. It will help you gather a lot of data for your project.

Your next step should include filtering all the results and fishing out the best objectives that fit your project. Make sure your objectives are neatly and reasonably presented.

Stick To a Schedule: You will need to follow a strict timeframe. Try to prioritize your work before anything else. Check up on your fellow members and see what they’re up to.

Arrange group meetings regularly and discuss the progress of your project on a daily basis. This will reduce workload and you can complete the outline of your project in much less time. This will also improve collaboration day by day and contribute towards qualitative writing.

Presentation Matters.  You should try to make the group project writing more persuasive.

Ask yourself :

  1. Is the objective clear?
  2. Have you mentioned several evidences to support your topic?
  3. Are the paragraphs short and visually appealing?
  4. Are the sentences perfectly formed and easy to comprehend?
  5. Have you edited mistakes and given special attention to punctuation?

You need to talk to each other now and then and see progress. It is also important because not everyone would be on the same level, and might need help. Make sure your group project remains a group project and doesn’t turn into a competition.

Lastly, mention everyone’s work in the group project so that your advisor knows everyone contributed. The team should also discuss the project once it is done to make sure the final part of a presentation goes smooth. Your teacher may have questions for you, and if you give different answers to one question, you may end up being in hot water.

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