The nutritional composition of plant milk (soya bean)

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Nutritional composition of Soymilk showed that it contained moisture content of 90.54%, ash content of 0.82%, protein 4.2%, carbohydrate 0.75%, crude fibre, ether extract 3.6% and Nitrogen free, extract 0.88% and the total carbohydrate is 0.88%. The minerals investigation gave the following results. Sodium 64.5±0.10mg/l, potassium 4,047.5±0.01mg/l, Magnesium 93.9 ± 0.10mg/l, Iron 34.8 ± 0.01 mg/l, Zinc 9.70 ± 0.10mg/l, Calcium 855.0±0.01mg/l, Copper 3.0±0,10mg/l and lead, Nickel, Chromium are Nil.

Title page                                                                                           i
Certification                                                                                      ii
Dedication                                                                                         iii
Acknowledgement                                                                             iv
Abstract                                                                                             v
Table of Content                                                                                vi-vii
1.0     Introduction                                                                            1-4
1.1     Importance of milk                                                                   4-6
1.2     Preservation of milk                                                                 6-8
2.0     Literature Review                                                                     9
2.1     Protein in Milk                                                                         9
2.2     Carbohydrate in Milk                                                              9
2.3     Fat and Oil in Milk                                                                  10
2.4     Mineral Content in Milk                                                          10-11
2.5     Enzymes in Milk                                                                      11-12
2.6     Lipid in Milk                                                                            12

3.0     Materials and Methods                                                            13
3.1     Materials                                                                                  13
3.2     Crude Protein Determination                                                   13
3.3     Digestion                                                                                 13-14
3.4     Distillation                                                                               14
3.5     Titration                                                                                  15
3.6     Determination of Moisture Content                                         15
3.7     Determination of Ether Extract                                                15
3.8     Determination of Carbohydrate Content                                  16
3.9     Determination of Ash Content                                                 16-17
3.10   Determination of Crude Fibre                                                  17


  • Results and Discussion                                                           18-20


  • Conclusion                                                                              21

References                                                                               22


The soy is a low cost source of protein that has been consumed in Asian nations for many countries. The rapid growing population fo the developing countries is facing acute shortage of protein, Soy bean is rich protein content and contains fiber.
Soybeans are the least processed form of Soy protein, its available in most grocery stores, they can be purchased in fresh, frozen or roasted forms. These beans can be eaten alone, like peas or added to salads and stir fies.
Tofu: Curdling Soy mil with a coagulant makes tofu or bean curd its available in both soft and firm forms, tofu can be used in a variety of recipes to partially replace either meat or diary product due to the common use of calcium sulphate as the curdling agent, Tofu can also be a good source of calcium (Chdi wenm et al; 2000).
Soymilk: Soymilk is another high quality source of Soy protein that is an alternative of diary animal milk and available in variety of forms including plain, vanilla and chocolate, it can also be used to replace milk added to coffee, tea or cereal.
Human beings are the only species to consume milk past childhood. We are also the only species to consume the milk of another species. There are some great nutritional benefits to milk, for example milk naturally contains a readily absorbable form of calcium and has higher quality protein than soy milk. In this condition known as lactose intolerance, it causes unpleasant abdominal symptoms including stomach cramps, flatulence and diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is reality for 75% for the world population, even though consuming diary is unnatural and problematic for many people. There are many people who cannot drink cow milk because of a milk allergy or out of a values choice like vegan. Soymilk is a healthy drink and is important for people with above problems and had been the first production ever prepared and consumed by human since long ago. Soymilk not only provides protein but also is a source of carbohydrate, lipid, vitamins and minerals.
Milk composition describes the chemical and physical properties and effect of pasteurization on the compound in milk. The variation in milk composition are:

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