Effect of educational films on pre-primary school children’s acquisition of pre-reading skills.

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This study investigated the effect of educational films on pre-primary school children’s acquisition of pre-reading skills in Abia South Educational Zone of Abia State. Specifically, the class used for the investigation is nursery three in public pre-primary schools. The design of the study was a quasi-experimental, pre-test, post–test design. The population for the study was the 2 14 pre-primary school children from 101 public nursery schools in Abia South Educational Zone while the sample for the study consisted of 200 pre-primary school children drawn from four intact classes of four of the 101 schools. The four schools were drawn randomly from two local government areas which were also drawn randomly from the seven Local Government Areas that make up Abia South Education Zone, Abia State. Five research questions and five null hypotheses guided the study.

The instrument used for the study was Pre- Reading Performance Test (PRPT) made by the researcher. The instrument was validated by three experts in the departments of Educational Foundations, Psychology and English Language while the trial testing was carried out in five schools in one Local Government Education Authority in Rivers state The experiment lasted five weeks. For data analyses, the research questions were answered using Mean and Standard Deviation. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 probability level.

Findings of the study indicated that the children who were exposed to educational films in learning the pre-reading skills achieved significantly higher than the children who were not exposed to educational films. Children who were exposed to the use of educational films acquired pre-reading skills such as alphabetic knowledge, phonemic awareness comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.

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