The impact of transportation in the tourism industry ( a cse study of young shall grow motors).

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The project focused on the roles of transportation in tourism industry as it described the benefits that will be gained from tourism in the country provided the transport system in well developed. This project work covers area such as the definitions of tourism and transportation, the relationship between transportation and tourism, elements of transportation, modes of transportation, importance of transportation in Nigeria and its roles in tourism industry. The method used in carrying out the research were questionnaire administration and personal observation. Recommendation includes the development of the transport modes in the country, publicity about the tourist sites through the use of A-Z brochure about tourist sites in Nigeria provision of infrastructures and superstructures to tourist sites. Private sectors should likewise participate. In the development of transportation. Holiday relief should be given to the working population of the country to participate in tourism.


1.0 Introduction
In world of change, one constant in the last quarter of the twentieth century has been the sustained growth of tourism both as an activity and an industry (occupation).

Leiper (2000:3) defined tourism as a whole range of individuals, businesses, organisations and placed which combine in some way to deliver a travel experience. Tourism is a multi dimensional multi-faceted activity which touches many lives and many different economic activities that is, it can be used for the development of the concerned areas if properly utilized by both the government and private sectors.

Tourism can be viewed as a situation in which the visitors interact with the hosts. This clearly means that tourism is the movement of people from their usual place of residence to another (destination) for either pleasure, recreation or other purpose.

The main things that can be deduced from the brief description of tourism above is that, it has to deal with the movement of people (transportation) from their usual place of residence to another. Also, the stay which deals with either leisure, pleasure or recreation is obviously not connected with any remunerated activity and for the desired result to be achieved, it has to be over 24hours but less than a year.

However, in the process of tourists carrying out the various tourism activities, there is need for a moving conveyance which is transportation. Osinubi (2006:1) defined transportation as the movement of people, goods and services from one place to another. The extent of accessibility of an area determines the inflow of tourist to such sites. A tourist attraction must be thrilling, exciting and beautiful which are parts of the real motivating factors for tourism activities.

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