Construction Of Wheelbarrow

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Construction Of Wheelbarrow


Wheelbarrow can be defined as a machine that is used by labourers, farmes, gardeness, and others for transporting loads to heavy by hand it from one place to another.

However, materials used for construction purpose are bought in standard sizes wither in long bars or standard sheet sizes. Moreover, depending on the type to be constructed, the materials are then reduced to smaller and more convenient sizes. The shapes and forms are changed by filing, drilling, reaming, tapping, broading etc. Also depending on the size of the workshop, some of these operations may be carried out using manual or mechanized processes.

In addition, procedures involved in constructing a locally made “V” shape wheel barrow include MARKING OUT, PATTERN DEVELOPMENT, CUTTING, DRILLING, BORING and WELDING OPERATIONS. High quality materials were used to contruct the wheel barrow that processes the required standard.

The medium was tested with some amount of local to know if its ability was optimum, the machine handle moved freely and smoothly after the handle was lifted.



1.2 Origin and history

1.3 Indemnification offered


2.1 Historical review of wheelbarrow

2.2 Theory (Mechanism) of operation of wheelbarrow

2.3 Wheelbarrow and other classes of lever

2.4 Uses/importance of wheelbarrow

2.5 Material selection



3.1 Procurement of the materials of construction

3.2 Marking one 1 centre punching

3.3 Culting and rolling

3.4 Welding

3.5 Painting


4.1 Costing

4.2 Discussion

4.3 Recommendation

4.4 Conclusion




This is a hand-pushed vehicle, consisting of a dish-shapes body supported on two shafts, arrangal in a “V” shape with handles at the spread end and a wheel and axle at the point. The wheelbarrow at the axle, the serve applied at the handles and coal or resistance between the two in the body. It is used by laborers, farmers, gardeners and others for transporting loads too heavy or bucky to be carried by hand and is similar to hand trucks used by warehouse men and industrial workers expect that the latter has two wheels. Modern wheel barrow are made of wood or of a light metal, such as aluminum, and have a rubber fire on the wheel. A two-wheel vehicle for carrying garden materials is more properly called a garden cart.

The purpose of the production of this machine is to reduce alleviate and possibly eliminate the sufferings, time, money, wastage of man-power and more especially the need for technological break-through and self reliance, which has been a major concern of the federal government.

Moreover, this project at hand has delved into simplicities and the construction of this machine that can be used to carry different types of heavy load to any distance.


The wheelbarrow like any technology in the common place, was a story to tell. The west was very slow to invent the wheelbarrow. Do the earliest known European wheelbarrow gleams down from a stained glass windows in charless cathedral.

But the Chinese have had wheelbarrow for millennia. They celebrate a half-mythical inventor named K0 Yu. It is not know when he lived but since then, the Chinese have shaped wheelbarrows in enormous variety. They’ve used them for every kind of task.

It migue help to consider just what an industrial wheelbarrow is. It combines the advantages of both the wheel and the leveler. The load is centered behind a single wheel that way, you have to lift only a small part of the load. The two handles give an intimacy of control you don’t have with a four-wheeled cart. If you ever had to use a wheel barrow, you know its easy with the load in the right place. It can be back breaking when the load’s too far behind the wheel.

Chinese armies made the first use of the wheelbarrows. It give them such an advantage in moving goods that it was kept secret. Early Chinese writings talk about wheelbarrows in code. K0 Yu, one ancient text tells us built a “wooden goat” and rode away into the mountains on it. They called a wheelbarrow with handles in front a “wooden ox” one with handles at the back was a “glinding horse”

Long ago, the Chinese invented wheelbarrows with sails that were no idle experiment said – driven wheelbarrows became a well-developed and widespread technology. And the sails were prefect miniatures of the ones used in junk.

And we, with all our vaunted technology, have yet to build wheelbarrows with the grace, balance, variety and features of these in China.

It was not until the seventeenth century, when direct contact was made between European and China, as a result of trade, each area had it own distinct form of wheelbarrow, although by this time both were frequently modified to serve other needs than those for which they were designed.


The purpose of the production of this machine is to reduce difficulties and probably eliminate the suffering time, money, cost of man-power and most especially the need for technological break through and self-reliance which has been a major concern of the human being. Carrying of load on human head has been a tiring problem in the society from this commercial especially towards our loco-parenthesis.

It helps eradicate those problems; this project write up has been delivered into simplifications and the constructions of this machine that can be used in carrying different types of this machine that can be used in carrying different types of heavy objects to different areas.

Wheelbarrow is a machine that makes use of a bowel, made of metal used in carrying loads or is a simple machine that helps us life, pull, increase direction of heavy things change the direction of force and increase force.


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