Problems And Prospects Of Management Of Hotels (a Case) Study Of Hotel Presidential

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Problems And Prospects Of Management Of Hotels (a Case) Study Of Hotel Presidential

Going through the present investigation of problems and prospects of management of Hotels  presidential many findings and results were made in the service and finance oriented organizations
The result postulated that prospects of management Hotels effects  management puttorns in the organisaton which in our acts as a motivational facilirs to high productivity increasing work performance to achieve organisatonal goals and objectives
On the other hand problem associated with  prospects f management of Hotels presidential adopted in every organization. Will identify and motivation problems inherited in that organisaton. It will fatherly be relating small problem which thus intends negative
However affective prospects of management Hotels presidential is vital in every situation in the organization
Title page
Table of contents
List  of tables
Chapter one
1.0 Introduction
1.1 background of the study
1.2 problem (s)  Associated  with the subject matter
1.3 Problem (s) that the study will be concerned
1.4 Importance of studying the Area
1.5 Definition of important terms
1.6 Reference
Chapter two
2.1 Literature review
2.2 An overview of Hotel Industry
2.3 The school of thought relevant to the problem of study
2.4 Different methods of studying the problems
2.5 Summary
2.6 References
Chapter three
3.0 Conclusion
3.1 Data presentation
3.2 Data analysis
3.3 Recommendation
3.4 Conclusion
3.5 References

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