The Need For Accounting Education In Small Scale Industries

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 The Need For Accounting Education In Small Scale Industries


The face is generally recognized that small scales industries constane the major of business organization in Nigeria.

The problem tend to investment of the investigate, the small scale industries the propose of carrying that this study is ascertains of the necessary for small scale industries to acquire knowledge effectively.

In this study, the research tries to fund out if there is any relationship between accounting and management to small scale industries.

The result finding also showed that small scale industries play, important role in an economy that be courtants managers of small scale industries will increase their managerial skill if they acquire some training in accounting while attending summers. The research sees accounting as can in enable knowledge  in the management of small business enterprise.


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Table of content


1.0           Introduction

1.1     Back Ground of Study

1.2            Statement of Problems

1.3            Purpose of Study

1.4            Signification of Study

1.5            Scope and Limitation of the Study

1.6            Definition of Terms


2.0            Related Literature Review

2.1     Contempt of Small Scale Industries

2.2            Accounting Problems in Small Scale industry

2.3            Importance of Accounting to Industries

2.4            Role of Accountant.


3.1            Summary of Finding

3.2           Conclusion

3.3           Recommendation



1.0            INTRODUCTION


Accounting is an old as the exchange process (Whether) barter or monitory that gradually developed with civilization.

We study accounting for business and not business for accounting, second  communication and exportation of business idea seen to be the most important function of accounting as it relates to business, it is a fact that business organization can not do without making use of accounting information and ideas in their day to days activities the significance of accounting education in a developing nation such as ours can not be payed down, in short, accounting evolved in orders to locate responsibility prevent fraud guide industries in their bads in attendance of their organization goals, it equally provide solution to their numerous problems.

Development of small scale industries small scale industries developed in most rural areas as peascents  training on palm produce with crude milling equipment and probably few important madines the generses of small scale industries began form the processing of food down to the manafactucing of basic tools and other implement for out daily use.

Every small scale industrialist has profit at the back of his mind before carrying out the project at the higher the amount, the more prove to accountability so small scale industrialist should be able to give account. It is therefore important that small scale enterprise be well equipped with proper accounting because it will ensure confidence and proper financial procedure, Hence, good record keeping give in details the knowledge of expense in come  as profit or loss is the first step to wards profitable management of any business.


Small scale industries to play a major part in the overall economic development of nation a look at the Nigeria business sectors show that small scales business are frequently but they either do not grow or they under go negative growth.

At worse, those that can not keep up with the harsh economic environment winds up one of the problem that hind success  in small scale business as lack of relevant experience or lack of adequate accounting education that make for poor management of the industries, little attention is parts to this issue of accounting education.

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