The Feasibility Study Of West Itam Secondary School

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Practicum in educational management is a practical course which is designed for students who wish to obtain the master Degree in Educational and Ministration and Planning. It is a practical aspect of educational management designed to enable the future educational manager to have a practical experiences and skills of all theories acquired during the course of study in the university. Educational management has been defined in many ways by different anthers, but in all, it has been said to involve the active control of human and material resources directed to education in order to have effective teaching and learning in educational institution in order to display the theoretical aspect of education management studied in school, there is need to have the practical before one become a full educational manager. However, for the justification of this course, the educational management and planning student must be attached to any educational institution in order to acquired the practical aspect of educational management. Therefore the practicum student (the researcher) analyses the tangible feasibility structure and intangible feasibility structure of West Itam Secondary School, Ekit Itam, Itu as an educational institution.
Institution Grade: West Itam Secondary School is a Grade 1 School (the school has one principal General and Six (6) Vice Principals).
History of the School: The school was established in the year 1978. The was a private school before. Thereafter, the government took over and owned from 1978 till date. The first principal was named Mr. Nyang Udondo, now late. From that time till now, the school had had up to ten (10) Principals. This present one (principal) makes eleven in number. His name is Dr Patrick E. Edem the Principal General and the present Vice Principal administration is named Mrs idongesit E. Etok.
The School Structure: The structure of the school is arranged according to Block by the left, right, and centre. The school blocks consist of eleven (11) structures. Each of these structure has five to six rooms contained in the block in each of these blocks, there is the office of the vice principal(s) to assess the activities of the students. From the entrance to the school compound by the left is the office principal general. The principal’s office is always opened with two computer operators at the extranet of the office there is a receptionist at the entrance to the principal’s office. The receptionist sits with one teachers to attend to visitors. Thee are partitions of fields in-between the buildings. The school has a large assembly hall in-between the buildings.
The School Organogram:

Principal General

Vice Principal(s)


Head of Department

Teaching Staff

Non – teaching staff

Security men and Gatemen
Laboratories attendance
Office attendance
Library attendance
Vision statement: To empower students with basic intellectual characteristics that are firmly controlled with integrity and dignity which matches students capabilities and future careers towards education goals.
Mission Statement: To instill knowledge and skills in students through effective teaching and practical activities, and maintenance of discipline among the students, to maturely cooperate with the comprehensive curriculum that will and them to achieving their respective objectives.

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