Assessment Of The Knowledge And Utilization Of Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Among Radiography Students In South East Nigeria

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Assessment Of The Knowledge And Utilization Of Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Among Radiography Students In South East Nigeria


Information and communication technology (ICT) has been the most fascinating phenomena that have characterized the 21st century. The growth of these technologies has over the years being accrued to researchers in the field of science and technology. The objective of this research was to determine the knowledge and utilization of ICT among radiography students in south east Nigeria. It is a survey research which involved the population of radiography students in university of Nigeria, Enugu campus and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi campus. The sampling was by convenience sampling and the sample size was determined by Yaro Yamane method (1973) which resulted to 400 sample size. The data collection was by questionnaire administered randomly and analyzed with frequency and percentage table. Chi-square was used to test the hypothesis in the research. Among the 400 questionnaires distributed, 380 were returned 8 were wrongly filled and 16 were not returned. The research was analyzed to bring out the students‟ knowledge, the availability of ICT to the students and the students‟ utilization of ICT. The research revealed that most of the students in the research population had good knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT) and had received training. Most of their knowledge of ICT was based on Microsoft office. Almost all the Radiography students in South East Nigeria had one ICT facility or the other and their ownership increased with their level of study. However gender differences in the ownership of ICT facilities among the students were insignificant. Radiography students in University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus had more ICT facilities available to them than those in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus and these ICT facilities were of better quality in UNEC than in NAU, Nnewi Campus. Males had more intensive use of ICT internet facilities than females in the research population but there were no significant gender differences in the general utilization of ICT facilities. Most of the Radiography students in South East Nigeria use ICT facilities for class assignments and social networking/recreation.

KEYWORDS: Knowledge, Utilization, Information and Communication Technology, Radiography students, South East Nigeria.

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Table of content


Chapter 1


1:1 Introduction

1:2 Background of the Study

1:3 Statements of Problems

1:4 Objectives of the Study

1:5 Research Question

1:6 Study of the Hypothesis

1:7 Significance of the Study

1:8 Justification of the Study

1:9 Scope of the Study

1:10 Definition of Terms


Chapter 2

Literature Review

2:0 Introduction

2:1 Conceptual Clarification

2:2 Theoretical Framework

2:3 Literatures on the Subject Matter


Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3:0 Area of Study

3:1 Source of Data

3:2 Sampling Techniques

3:3 Method Data Collection

3:4 Method of Data Analysis

3:5 Reliability of Instrument

3:6 Validity of Instrument

3:7 Limitations of the Study


Chapter 4

Data Analysis

4:0 Introduction

4:1 Finding of the Study

4:2 Discussion of the Study

4:3 Summary


Chapter 5

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5:0 Summary of Findings

5:1 Conclusion

5:2 Recommendations

5:3 Proposal for Further Studies



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