Design,Implementation And Simulation Of Prepaid Meter, Theft Monitoring System With Sms Alert

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A prepaid meter monitoring system with SMS alert is designed simulated and constructed using microcontroller to achieve a unique transmission of SMS messages to designated mobile phone numbers. The work is a response to the need to checkmatecommercialenergy losses in utility electrical distribution system. The system utilizes a normally open micro-switch incorporated into the monitoring system to detect when the prepaid meter cover is opened. The system triggers a series of actions which eventually lead to the sending of anSMS alert message to the GSM mobile phones at the commercial unit of the utility Electricity Distribution Company which contains the meter number and address where the tamper/theft originates. The system also triggers an alarm system to alert the individual within the vicinity that an intruder has tampered with the meter in order to commit fraud/energy theft. The system utilizes the existing GSM networks and protocols through the modem interface. When the messages are sent to the designated mobile phones the messages are also retained at the memory card interfaced to the modem which can be retrieved when the need arises. This work discusses in detail the steps taken in the process of realizing the set goals including the design,simulation, implementation testing and results. The construction was implemented with reliable and readily available components in the market.The results showed that the power of the system is 6 watts. The alternating current input voltage is 220V (AC) at 50/60 Hz. The output current of voltage regulator is 500 mA. The system was validated using bar chartfor comparisonof its functionality with the existing ones in terms of transmission of SMS messages, recording and tracking of information in real-time and the operation was very excellentwhich is a remarkable improvement over the existing prepaid meter monitoring system.

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