The Role Of Nardb In The Financing Of Agricultural Co-Operatives Society (A Case Study Of Nardb Enugu In Nigeria)

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The Role Of Nardb In The Financing Of Agricultural Co-Operatives Society (A Case Study Of Nardb Enugu In Nigeria)

Chapter one


Banks are financial house with the authority to guide groups and individuals who could be having monetary transactions to do. The provision of sound financial regulation that makes the economic well-being is very essential and the resistance of a financial house in building up a tiara of monetary reserve is very important.

In agricultural co-operative society, where individual who hold the agricultural stock will pull their resource together when the union of the stock holders could amount to a greater gain to the advancement of their individual well being and collective aspiration. The expertise of banks posted to assisted piece group of material come with a great relief. Government has a whole work of load to carry out.

Financially of otherwise and so have not much time supervise the minor economic units. She has assigned some duties to her agencies.

The bound of agriculture is becoming so highly mobilized so that it will take a lot of money to produce food and cash crop in much profitable abundance. Bank in any nation has a keynote to play in unfolding the financial success in the economy.


Agricultural cooperative society is a venture by some farmers who holds agricultural stock and is seeking to uplift their collective and individual agricultural standard

In the agricultural cooperative society, where many individuals pull resources together, the level of individual maturity and capacity of their productivity is not to be recon with. The prime focus of the study is found out how a bank has been able to finance agricultural productivity. In other to accomplish this study, NACRDB has been selected as a case organization.

This objective include efficient and effective credit administration with the target beneficiaries been the rural poor.


What are the causes of this low productivity in agricultural cooperatives? What can be done to remedy the situation? To make recommendation as to how bank can increase his effectiveness towards agricultural productivity?


The significance of this study is to help government adopt the high Agro-business policies to enhance the credit effectiveness. This study will help us to know the constraint in the credit availability.


The objective of the study includes;

  1. To determine the cause of low agricultural productivity in the cooperative society
  2. To determine what can be done to enhance the agricultural productivity
  3. To appraise the contribution of banks to the profitability of the agricultural development.
  4. To make as to how bank can increase their support in agricultural cooperatives.


This research study is limited to the geographical and political boundaries of Nigeria in general, Enugu metropolises in particular. It involve only Nigeria agricultural cooperative society and rural development


It would have been ideals to involve other financial institution but for the constraint of time, fiancé and other material resources which make it difficult. As regard to the project, only NACRDB were studied.

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