The Study Of The Impact Of The Organs In The Development Of Crop In Nigeria (A Case Study Of The Cooperative Federation Of Anambra State)

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The Study Of The Impact Of The Organs In The Development Of Crop In Nigeria (A Case Study Of The Cooperative Federation Of Anambra State)

Over the years, there has been a high rate of business failure in both private and public  sector . analysis and the review of the problem has shown that the provision of capital and technology alone cannot avert the situation. The situation can be change through a communal living. Establishment of co-operative society and there stay under the umbrella might contribute more to the efficient and effective management.
This research project was done to determine the impact of co-operative apex on the development of co-operative society in Anambra state using the co-operative federation as a case of study
The objective of the study was;
1. to identify the functions of the apex
2. To identify and examine the organizational structure of the apex
3. To identify the problem militating against the management and operation of COFAS and suggesting ways of improving the state apex.
4. To identify the source and the use of fund and how they are supported in improving other tertiary, secondary, and primary society
The study find out that co-operative federation of Anambra state have;
Create a great impact on co-operative development in Nigeria which is archive through the service rendered to affiliate member society such as selling essential commodity are a reduce price, processing farm product, conducting training programme such as seminars, conference, workshop etc.
Management problem, which are responsible for the poor performance of COFAS. Such problems are lack of good planning, organizing, controlling and directing
Problem of inadequate capital. The study recommends that management workshop should be organized to harness the management problems of COFAS. Also private companies should be allowed to by share in the co-operatives federation so that problem of inadequate capital can e solve
The researcher also made some suggestion for further study.
Title page
Approval page.
Table of content
1.1 The background of the study
1.2 Statement of problems
1.3 Objective of study
1.4 Significance of study
1.5 Scope and limitation of study
0 Review related to literature
2.1 Functions of the co-operative apexes
2.2 Social function
2.3 Economic function
2.4 Verity of structure at the apex level
2.5 The organizational structure of the anambra co-operative federation(acfed) before the state creation
2.6 The organizational structure of the co-operative of anambra state (cofas)
2.7 Organization of cofas limited
2.8 By-laws of co-operative federation of anambra state (cofas)
2.9 The impact of apex cofas on co-operative development
3.1 Population
3.2 Sample size and sample selection
3.3 Source of data
3.4 Method of data analysis
4.1 Questionnaire administration
4.2 Annual report administration
5.1 Recommendation and conclusion
5.2 Summary of the findings
5.3 Conclusion
5.4 Recommendation

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