Impact Of Materials Management On The Productivity Of Seven-Up Bottling Company, Lagos

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It is quite obvious that every organization keeps materials which form one of the pivotal elements in the organization. Any establishment that is set up to produce one thing or another; any organization could either be goods producer or services delivery or both, and they must make use of materials in all their operations, and these materials must be properly managed to achieve the desired objectives.
Materials management is one of the most technological choices in any organization. Thus, it must be decided as to when, how and by who materials should be handled. It covers the processes of moving, packing and storing materials. Note that in the past, there was no any distinct method in use.
However, today the methods employed are numerous such as: The Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).

1.1 Background of the Study
What dominates organizational operations and there seeks to transform management practices is no other than material management.
It is obvious that in all kinds of organizations, management effort is often times committed to the effective and efficient management of materials. Furthermore, the management practices have gained the understanding that the success of any can only be guaranteed in today’s circumstances by a practical and holistic commitment to materials management.
Materials management is not a mere technique, but a philosophy anchored on a belief that long run success depends on the uniform commitment to materials management in 7Up Plc, Kaduna Plant which can be achieved via the interplay of both the analytical and holistic facilities of the personalities concerned.
1.2 Statement of the General Problem
Materials management as we all know is considered “life blood” of every organization. Unfortunately enough, most companies have entrusted the materials management functions into the hands of mediocre.
Therefore, the basic problem with which the study is concerned about is the unethical practices in the 7Up Plc Kaduna plant which includes: the placement of unqualified personnel on the functional, they do not have professional knowledge about, over invoicing and local inaccessibility of raw materials. Also, therefore is the problem of wastage and pilferage of materials in 7Up Plc, Kaduna plant.

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