Data Mining For Improved Customer Relationship Management

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In this project, system will find customer interest on products and based on this result system will provide customer’s best or nearest interest products to marketing or sales department.

So that they can create offers and schemes as per customer interest. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) contains many modules among which customer relationship management deals with marketing and attracting customers. In Existing ERP System, generally sales representatives contacts their customers and pleases them with best offers to increase sales, but contacting customers on random will result in more efforts with no guaranteed revenue.

Our proposed work is focused on this scenario. Proposed algorithm calculates interest rate of customers on given product based on orders they had placed in past. Proposed algorithm does analysis of products customers has purchased before and based on that generates result containing percentage rate of customer interest in products. This result can be passed to CRM department so that they can contact customers based on their interests; thus guaranteed revenue. System also contains automated mail system or IVR system to contact customers based on this result.

This algorithm is based on concept of data mining. This system will be useful to increase productivity and profitability of the company. This system will help to target right customer. This system will help to reduce the effort of the sales representatives. As sales representative does not have to randomly contact the customer and convince the customer to purchase the product

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