A Neuro-Fuzzy Agent Based Group Decision Hr System For Candidate Ranking

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Human Resource or HR includes people who select expert workforce of an organization or business sector. Human Resources have to play number of roles in order to select expert candidate for particular designation. The first role of the human resource is to shortlist the resume of various candidates who had applied for particular job position.

To select applicant and ranking each applicant for particular job roles within human resource (HR) systems involve high levels of uncertainty. This is due to the varying opinions and preferences of the different occupation domain experts in the decision making process. Hence, this system will enable HR departments to determine the most important requirement criteria (experience, skills etc) for a given job, based on the preferences of different domain experts, while ensuring that the expert’s decisions are unbiased and correctly weighted according to their knowledge and experience.

This will enable a more effective way to short list submitted candidate CVs from a large number of applicants providing a consistent and fair CV ranking policy, which can be legally justified. System will rank the experience and key skills required for particular job position. Than system will rank the CV’s based on the experience and other key skills which are required for particular job profile.

This system will help the HR department to easily shortlist the candidate based on the CV ranking policy. This system will focus not only in qualification and experience but also focuses on other important aspects which are required for particular job position. This system will help the human resource department to select right candidate for particular job profile which in turn provide expert workforce for the organization.

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