Web Mining For Suspicious Keyword Prominence

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Web mining can be termed as an information mining method to naturally search, collect and organize data from indexed online records which might be in various organized, unstructured or semi-organized structure. We usually use web mining techniques in order to assess the viability of a specific web page/entity in order to figure out various factors related to it.

This project consolidates the best researched mechanisms from the semantic web and synaptic web at low entropy in order to build structural engineering of Semantic-Synaptic web mining. Our proposed project aims at web mining for finding out density of selected keywords in order to check its keyword prominence on those web pages.

This is an important factor in various fields in order to check the prominence of specific keywords and flag websites having over prominence of those keywords. For example this can also be used to detect websites inspiring terrorism. The system can be used to check prominence of a particular keyword commonly used in terrorist convincing strategies on various websites. So this system can be used to point out websites having more prominence of such keywords.

Thus this system can also be used in several different domains for a variety of important purposes using smart web mining approach.

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