Design And Construction Of An Fm Wireless Microphone

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This project intended to simplify the description and working principle of FM wireless microphone, which works on a fixed frequency modulation (FM) band.


Electronics deals with current flow and the application therefore current is established by movement of electron-hence electronics. Electrons on their own are constituent of the atom. We shall bargain therefore by considering our need for electronics in every day activities because to has become obvious. As the world grow computerized, we ought to have the knowledge and understanding of electronics for certain reason.
As a matter of fact, our satisfaction these days mostly depend on electronics.

These satisfactions may come in different ways. For instance one cam now stay in his house or in motor to communicate with distance person through telephones; one can tune radio or television on station inside his house, to mails. Some information can be transmitted by the aid of microphone.

All these and more make life easier and less stressful for us.
The study of electronics is not so simple as may be perceived by people who professionalized in its operation.
It deals with the movements of electrons and electromagnetic wave in short everything that happens in electronics is invisible. “Electronics, according to advanced leaner dictionaries” is the science and technology of electronics phenomena, devices and system, as in radio, Television, tape recorder, compute etc.

Considering the project I am writing now, the radio transmitter. Radio transmitter generates energy at a definite frequency and convey this energy to the transmitting aerial for radiation. To obtain a useful radiated signals, information must be superimposed on the radio waves.

In the continuous wave (C.W) transmitters used for radio, telegraphy, the desired information is added by interrupting the radio frequency oscillations in accordance with a telegraphic code. In radio telephone (modulated) transmitters the information is added by modulating either the amplitude or the frequency of the radio frequency carrier wave the speech or music to be transmitted.

my aim and purpose to investigation started when I saw that thing\s are not easy in the field as it is said theoretically. When I bought components and made connections in a project board, I saw that my objectives were not attained immediately I disconnected several times and moved to the library, consulted our senior course mate for further explanation and serious investigation. In fact my purpose is not as easy as thought to us. Then I added more effort to am at the final level of the project

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