Public Relations As A Management Function Problems And Impact (A Case Study Of The Anambra State Education Commission Awka

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Public Relations through sometimes over looked is a concept that is almost as old as mankind, the early man in all his naivety built public relations principles in his action he went in search of food.

While the woman held forts in the home he led his life alongside animals in the force that is to say that he maintained cordial relationship between his self and the animals in the forest that I think is public relations at its incipient stage.

The beginning in spite of this early Development is Publics Relations the concept seems to have down malpractice especially commission a body charged with the management of an really three hundred secondary school in the state in the state with its man power and other implications.

The Commission and at time the Directors seems them selves and the supreme authority accountable only to them selves with power to make law for the daily administration of the resource at its commend.

To some of these administrations there is little need for public relations input in management decisions since some extent in the art of communication.

The research questions decide from the objective of the study the proposed hypothesis tested.  The findings recommendations and conclusion will be seemed in the last part of this work.




Every a public relations officer must or will was faced the problem of lack of confidence.  Not so much in himself as in the value of the job he has to do.  In some causes, this is because of a failure by those in the management to appreciate fully the purpose and objectives of public relations in others, it is because of the appointment of the incompetent wrong officer who does not understand the subject or lacks the personality to convince those around him of its importance.  Yet in others there is a misguided sense of economy, which postulates that public relations is an expensive luxury.  This line of thought often leads to the appointment or the transfer of a man or woman to the post on the ground that he or she likes meeting the public or some other poor reasons.  Modern public relations practice is an indispensable instrument of any management public relations principles into management decisions.

The public relations department in any organization should serve as the fight hand of management advising it in much the same way as a lawyer counsels his clients on legal matters.  Since there appears to be people dependent on it for existence, such organization should always strive to take the interest of this public into consideration in all its decision this is necessary because all organization decisions have public relations implication.  The decision to increase the prices of goods to change the trademark or even to change the school calendar or increase the school fees could lead to dissonant behavior from the public.  Public relation’s input therefore becomes a very significant factor in the decision making process.

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