Acrylic Painting On A Pictorial Representation Of Reading Culture Among Students

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Reading is the beginning of a learning process and so reading has a lot to do with the academic performance of a student.

the research work which dwells on leading culture at fine art students of IMT is timely and of immense importance because the fine art as part of the skills in studying their course. The research notice that leading with kindle most times affect the artists site art there old age. The research work looks at the introduction, which include among other things, the research problems and limitations. It also looks at the review of related literature for what other authors said about reading culture. It also enumerated those conditions to adequate reading culture. This work also looked at the methodology and sources of data subsequently the data collected were analyzed and recommendation also made. The researcher finally recommends ways by which the fine art students of IMT will improve their reading habit. The recommendation, if taken by the student will go a long way to improve their reading culture.

This work is divided into five chapters. Chapter comprises of brief introduction of the study to the limitation of the study and challenges to the aims and objective of the study, scope, definition of terms and sources of data. The chapter two is made up of the review of related literature on reading culture. Chapter three deals on methodology on quality of materials used. The fourth chapter dealt on the project analysis and chapter includes the conclusion and recommendation for further study.





It is often said that knowledge has to come through reading. Reading has to come through habit.

The topic of this project research which is on the factors contributing to the reading culture of the fine art students of IMT is imperative considering the courses that the fine art department offers. The courses being affected is mainly comprised of practical exercises are theory exercise, prior to this makes student to lead and work out off time they sometime lending with kindle affects they site.

And sometimes they find it very difficult to see the real colour and by so doing makes mistake in there works.


For the purpose of carrying out this research works this there is believed to be some problems which led to the bad landing culture of fine art students of IMT prior to this the following problems are hereunder started.

  1. the students consumption of the hard drugs and habit of its kind.


this study is embarked upon with the following objectives

  1. to determine the factors contributing to the bad leading culture of fine art student of IMT


  1. How do you assess the reading culture of fine art student of IMT?
  2. What is the level of interest of fine art students of IMT in terms of reading
  3. To what extent does the leading culture help the student in fine art department?


No doubt in a study of this nature, one will expect much but the research work is limited to fine arts students in IMT which is a faculty that is comprised of several department which include painting, sculpture, textile, graphics etc.


The significance of the study is to use an acrylic painting to represent a leading culture among student in fine art department.

1.7      limitation of the study

During the course of doing this project, the research project encountered hindrances such as

  1. Financial cost: money was involved such as buying of board, transporting the board to the studio, buying of colours (acrylic) brush and all these materials involves finance.
  2. The etching to the glass:  the etching of glass also took a lot of thing before the siluer coating was properly removed.
  3. Safety: where to keep the board was a problem as the weather was not favorable for the word it was losing its shape.

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