Software Piracy Protection Project

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Software Piracy Protection Project


This project is intended to maintain software piracy protection and assures that it is being accessed only by the authenticated users. Piracy has become so prevalent over the Internet that poses a major threat to software product companies. With the help of malicious codes and programs, hackers or an intruder can gain access to the system and steal the information. Hence there arises a need to protect the information and products from being plagiarized. This project is developed for the same purpose to protect the software’s ownership of copyright and make transactions securely.

The features of the project are as follows:

  • Online registration: Users have to first register themselves into the system.
  • Payment for buying software: They have to first buy the software for accessing it via online secure payment facility available in the system.
  • Download: After making payment user can now download the respected software. Along with the software, a serial key will be provided to user that he has to save it for later use.
  • PC Id Reader: The software reads your pc mac id.
  • Product Id Generation: The system generated a unique user id by applying an algorithm on the acquired mac id.
  • Key Generation: The user may now request for serial key. He needs to send the user id generated. The key is generated by applying an encryption on generated unique user id
  • Data matching And Authentication: Admin applies the encryption to the user id and sends encrypted key. Even software generates key by encryption and then matches key provided by the user and generated key.
  • Authentication: If key matches the software works as full version or is locked down.
  • Not supported on other PC: Since if same key is applied on software in another pc since user id generated by mac id on another pc is different so the key for that pc will be different.

Software Piracy Protection Project

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