Is Sports Gambling a Problem?

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Is Sports Gambling a Problem?

Online betting bookies offer live betting odds in local sports competitions more often. You can see this in Victorian gridiron leagues and Canberra soccer football competitions. This might also be the case soon in your local area or to your sport. Sports Gambling

Just like sports betting – Bet9ja in Nigeria, betting in Australia is also vibrant. Per Capita, the country loses more cash to gaming than any other country across the globe. This has attracted many betting agencies that are looking to win new customers and make a profit. Therefore, what is the issue with betting on a local game? Does it cause harm or does it benefit the local clubs?

Is gambling legal in Australia?

Most gaming forms are legal but regulated. These regulations are mostly made by territories and states. These laws and regulations vary between states and have allowed an improperly regulated gaming industry to blossom.

Online sports betting is global, which has made it hard for governments worldwide to regulate sports betting and gambling. Basically, if an online bookie wants to have a local game on their games catalog, the government cannot do much about it and the teams playing do not need to be notified.

Advantages of sports betting in amateur sport

Banning all non-professional sports betting might look like an effective and simple solution. However, most people believe this could cause more issues than solutions. Belowaresomeoftheirarguments

  • Sports betting on both professional and professional levels is still going on and will continue even if a ban is enacted
  • Once betting is made illegal, it will open up doors for illegal influences through under the counter gambling
  • It is easy to control and regulate a transparent betting industry
  • Betting taxes means extra revenue to the government
  • Since betting platforms offer sponsorship deals, this would be good for local teams and clubs struggling with funds

Disadvantages of sports betting in amateur sport

Most arguments against sports betting in amateur sports revolve around the negative gambling effects to the society. Theyinclude:

  • It encourages gambling that comes with many unwanted effects
  • Because of the many popular betting adverts on the media, kids start thinking of sports based on odds. When betting is allowed on local sports, it reinforces this idea that betting and sport should go together.
  • Sports gambling is already a problem among punters, especially young men.
  • Reduced revenue in local leagues increases the possibility of match-fixing.

The state of your club

In case you don’t like gaming in amateur sports, or you fear it can compromise the integrity of the sport, do not just bash a legal change since this can take time. Player and officials’ integrity is what is needed now to maintain fairness in sports. Below are some of the things a club can do to help with fair play:

  • Impose a ban on officials and players from wagering on competitions or matches the club is participating
  • Come up with a gaming policy to fight corruption
  • Participate in campaigns against betting addiction
  • Encourage honesty and integrity and the pride of fair play at the club
  • Report betting platforms that offer odds on games you are participating in against your will to the media. This can help them stop.

    Is Sports Gambling a Problem?

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