Visualization of any artistic endeavor

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Visualization of any artistic endeavor



Visualization of any artistic endeavor can be realized through a well articulated concepts and ideas from forms and function that can be derived from both natural and man-made situation. Visual communication in various forms has been a practice in Nigerian culture in the sense that humans have been communicating to each other using visual means. Visual communication design simply refers to those art or artistic elements that have both aesthetic and functional values which can be appreciated through their visual content, (Uka, 2007).

Design is a formal organization of elements and principles of art to produce an aesthetic and functional art objects that can communicate in visual terms. Going by the above stated fact, culture can be seen as a man-made situation that provides the vision which the artist or designer can conceptualize and put down as form that serves function from the areas of belief, norms, values, art, festivals and others. These forms on the people’s culture are transformed into artistic creation that area used to adorn masquerade as part of its costume, dance, musical instruments and others could be used in performing certain ceremonies, festivals and other cultural activities of the people. The forms identified on masquerade can be explored top serve many other function in art or can be a visual resource for the designer.

Visual communication design which is the act of communication in visual terms employs different media in doing this. It is quite clear that in passing information via the media of communication the designer uses illustrations, typefaces and other imageries to accomplish this. It therefore indicates that costumes on any masquerade are important art works or forms that could be used alongside other elements of design as useful resource to achieve an effective visual communication design concepts. The effects of forms in creative endeavor are seen as important and effective components in the design process. The exploration and experimentation of new ways of expressing various aspects of life is a big opportunity for the graphics artist to create good art works and design for the public consumption.

Udenta (1998) asserts that effective communication usually, is the result of carefully selection of the appropriate medium or combination of media available. In order to achieve good design effective, the visual designer employers the use of typography, and other imagery to harness the design so that a clear view of the context is achieved for effective communication, (Drucker et al 2009). In this research, effective communication can therefore be achieved through the exploration and application  of sign, motifs and symbols found on the Ebira masquerade as creative resource for advertisement, announcement, awareness creation and production of others visual communication products. This study which is on form and function of Ebira is therefore right on time. Good design concept and idea based on this area of research can be achieved through thoughts and proper visualization of the forms found on the masquerade costume into effective design. The research through visualization and experimentation of forms into great well finished design in form of two and three dimensional format produced several effective designs for the purpose of communication that serves both aesthetic and useful function to the public.

Form in any art piece whether natural or man-made can be seen as visible elements that are united to create function. In this research project, it is seen as the apprehension and appreciation of visual images using the mental faculty of the viewers. The effect of form on visual communication design shows an effective result of exploring forms from the Ebira Tao masquerade as visual communication resource in communicating certain ideas ad concepts to the people.

Visualization of any artistic endeavor

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