PROJECTCHAMPIONZ.COM.NG only provide Research Project Writing guides/tips with project topics and materials for project writing guide, we do NOT support students to download project materials on this site and submit to any higher institutions for any form of award (s). To help foster and develop a sustainable mindset for a better academic system for Nigerian student carrying out project work, NOTE please carefully read our terms of use and policies concerning materials on this site.

  1. All project materials on this website are NOT for submission to any higher institution for academic awards. They are solely meant to guide final year students on the various processes and methodologies of writing a research project.
  2. For academic purpose, it is illegal for any student to download research projects on this website site and submit to any higher institution in Nigeria for academic awards. Students can stand the risk of being expelled if caught by project supervisors. To get a risk-free customized research project
  3. VISIT for customize writing!
  4. All research projects uploaded for free editing on this website are not uploaded for downloads. this feature is solely meant for students who face difficulties accessing their project supervisors.


Dear esteem clients all materials on our website are fully ready for student and researchers and any purchase that we cant send between the time we put on our website just be cool. we are developing it. you will receive it. Thanks


  1. we dont scam
  2. Just know after 10 days of not sending your material, we can make a refund.
  3. Do dont send your own topic that is not on our website and ask for refund. NOTE, we shall not refund.
  4. All purchase materials from client expires after 7 days.
  5. After 3 days of materials purchase without calls or sms. Note we shall note send again.
  6. All hire a writer research work. Note if after 10 days of payment we have not sent any chapter, request for refund.
  7. All hire a writer research if we have sent you any chapter we will not make any refund. we can only do corrections, share 50 – 50 lost if the topic is change.

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