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Determination Of Active Sweet Components Of Common Artificial Sweeteners That Are Used As Replacement For Sugar

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 DETERMINATION OF ACTIVE SWEET COMPONENTS OF COMMON ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS THAT ARE USED AS REPLACEMENT FOR SUGAR TABLE CONTENTS Title Page———i Certification——–ii Dedication———iii Acknowledgement——-iv Abstract ———vi Table of Content——–vii   Chapter One 1.0 Introduction ——-1 1.1 Statement of …

effect of npk fertilizer on the growth and yield components of yam (dioscorea spp), and egusi-melon (coloncynthis citrillus) intercrop

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EFFECT OF NPK FERTILIZER ON THE GROWTH AND YIELD COMPONENTS OF YAM (Dioscorea Spp), AND EGUSI-MELON (Coloncynthis citrillus) INTERCROP ABSTRACT The experiment was conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture, …