influence of packaging on product patronage in ogoja local government area

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1.1 The problem and its setting
The philosophy that marketing should begin and end with the customer is otherwise called marketing concept. The prior to the marketing concept is the consumers. Professional marketers have over the years been engaged in finding ways to serve the customer better than reason for the deliberation attempt at satisfying the customer or consumer continually is obvious. The goodwill or patronage of the customers in a valuable resource to marketers.

Marketing practitioners have propounded a number of theories and concepts in pursuance of the sole objective or satisfying customer need and wants at as profit. A number of empirical studies have also been conducted over the years for the same purpose has attracted our interest is on how packaging influences consumer purchase behaviour.

In recent times packaging has become a potent marketing tool. Packaging has to do with designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Kolter (2000:224) views packaging as actually that part of product planning and development which is the design of a product container or wrapper whose purpose is to protect the product physically to enhance the product’s value to the consumer and to stimulate sales through emotional appeals to consumers. Well designed package, is a sine qua non or indispensable for marketing success. And such making packaging as one of the numerous marketing tools that are seen as a powerful instrument.

Apart from its protective legal and aesthetic value it is arguable that an inferior product package in an attractive and eye-catching packet stand the chance of being picked up packaging planning and decision. Packaging account for up to 50% of the selling price of some products, such as cosmetics, soft drinks, sachet water and bottled water. But packaging is much desirable because it adds to the value of a product. The appreciation of packaging in affluent societies (such as in the United States of America and Europe) much higher than those of poor nations (such as African countries). Growing affluence is now making consumers in Nigeria to demand improved packaging for the goods they buy.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The study is out to evaluate the influence of packaging on consumers purchasing behaviour. However, many problems impinge on effective marketing of a company’s product. One of these problems is inappropriate packaging or completely lack of packaging a product.

Therefore many products fail due to poor packaging while others especially consumer products produced by PZ flourish and perform very well as a result of adequate packaging. Consequent upon this, the question is: Does packaging influence product patronage by consumers in Ogoja town.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
The objective of the study sought to:
i. Determine whether poor packaging is the major cause of low demand of a product.
ii. Know whether the success to great extent depends on its packaging programmes over consumer goods.
iii. Determine whether packaging actually stimulate consumer purchase of products in Ogoja Local Government Area?
iv. Know whether gaining larger forget market depends on packaging programmes

1.4 Research Questions
The research questions were formulated to guide the study.
i. Could it be determined whether poor marketing is the major cause of low demand of a product?
ii. Does packaging actually stimulate consumer purchase?
iii. Can a consumer be still satisfied over a well manufactured product with a poor packaging?
iv. Does gaining larger forget market depend on packaging programmes?

1.5 Significance of the Study
This study is not a mere academic exercise it will be of great benefit to the following:
Firstly, the management of manufacturing firm will immensely gain from the study. This because it will uncover some of the requirements for efficient and effective packaging which will enable a company to attract consumers to purchase its products at a profit.

Secondly, the study will be of great benefit to industries and the Nigerian economy. This stems from the fact that good packaging helps companies to gain advantage over competitors.
Thirdly, the study will be immense benefit to students of mass communication in Nigerian Universities and to other researchers shall also gain from the study.

1.6 Delimitation of the Study
The study’s scope is Ogoja Local Government Area. Therefore, the respondents to be interviewed are residents of Ogoja Town on “Influence of packaging of product patronage in Ogoja Local Government Area”.

1.7 Limitation of the Study
The researcher was constrained by time constraint where in the course of executing the research other activities were also executed such as: tests, class assignments. Secondly, the researcher was faced by dearth of adequate research materials.

1.8 Definition of Terms
Key terms have been defined. They are:
Influence: Referred to impact of packaging of product on the consumers
Packaging: This is the process of putting generic product into a wrapper or container with a view to making it more attractive better protected and easily portable. product patronage
Product: Referred to brand or articles that can be used as final consumption. product patronage
Patronage: Act of purchasing a product on routine basis because of its suitability. product patronage

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