The Impact Of Marketing In The Development Of Tourism (A Case Study Of Enugu State)

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The study was on the impact of marketing in the development of tourism in Enugu state.

The researcher towards reviewing all the related literature necessary to up date the subjects and have a better understanding of the impact of marketing n the development of tourism. Research conducted revealed that for tourism to prosper in the future that is needed for recognition and implementation of all the marketing concepts.

The data for this study were collected both from the primary and secondary sources. A pilot survey of the population was conducted to determine the sample size, on the course of the analysis, may problems were discovered to have hampered the effective and efficient performance of tourism industry in Enugu state. These findings are such as.

  1. Non application of marketing concepts or marketing activities like sale promotion.
  2. There is also no marketing department for the majority of the tourism organization.
  3. There is also lack of government commitment in the implementation of tourism policies.
  4. The tourism organization themselves have not been able to understand the environment they operate before fixing their prices.
  5. Inadequacy of fund has also been the major constraints for effective tourism development. Equally tourism industry itself is managed by people who are professional incompetent in the field of tourism. The researcher based on these findings recommended that tourism association should participate in the marking of tourism policies.

The adequate publicity should be given to the industry through sales promotion and advertising to create tourism awareness. That tourism organization should establish and run their own marketing department which should be headed by marketing professions for enhancement of tourism development. That the pricing policies of the different tourist organizations.



1.1              Introduction

1.2              Background of the study

1.3              Statement of the problem

1.4              Objective of the study

1.5              Research hypothesis

1.6              Significance of the study

1.7              Limitation of the study

1.8              Definition of the term


2.0              Review of related literature

2.1              The impact of tourism

2.2              The service of tourism

2.3              Tourism potentials in Enugu state

2.4              Characteristics of tourism services

2.5              Marketing mix

2.6              Marketing strategy

2.7              Benefits

2.8              The needs for tourism development.


3.1              Research methodology and design

3.2              Population of the study

3.3              Sample size

3.4              Sampling technique

3.5              Treatment of data

3.6              Research instrument.



4.1              Data presentation and interpretation

4.2              Test of hypothesis



Summary of findings







1.How long the staff of the tourist organization has been in office

  1. Assessing the quality of services provided by their organizations

  2. The organization sources of fund.

  3. The price of adopted by the tourist organization leads to increase insides.

  4. Factors that influence the price of the product.

  1. Setting the prices of their product
  2. Period the organization record greatest sales.
  3. Strategies adopted by various tourist organizations to attract customers for the service
  4. Advertising media used by the tourist organization.
  5. Whether the tourist organization have marketing department.
  6. Marketing strategy used by tourist organization to increase sales
  7. Distribution according to sex
  8. Distribution according to materials status
  9. Distribution according to academic qualifications
  10. Distribution according to age
  11. The quality to tourist products services offered.
  12. Distribution strategies adopted by tourist organization to attract customers.
  13. Tourist products provided by tourist organization in Enugu state leads to increase in sales.
  14. What the prices of tourist patronage on Enugu state.
  15. Promotional strategies of tourist organization in Enugu state leads to customer awareness.
  16. Assessing the environment the tourist centers in Enugu state operate.
  17. Distribution in terms of patronage
  18. Distribution according to sex
  19. Distribution according to marital status
  20. Distribution according age.




Tourism is defined as the practice of traveling for pressure especially ones holidays tours, Hotel etc. for tourist.

Also tourism is the sum of the phenomenon and relationship arising from the travel and study of non-residents in so far as they do not lead to permanent residence is not convicted with an earning activity.

Tourism is an industry, which is based on the visits made by people within and outside the country for the purpose of relaxation revisiting rest and participation in exciting non-routine activities. The destinations of tourist traffic are usually located outside where the tourists like and work.

Tourism, people travel outside the normal domicile to other areas within the country on the other hand when people travel to a country on the other that in which they normally like and which is a separated, national unit with its own political and economic system. They are involved in international tourism. In determining the impact of marketing on the development of tourism, Philips Kotler defers to marketing as a managerial process which identifies anticipates and supplies customer’s requirement efficiently and profitability in deed, marketing as one other management function has number contributions to make in tourism development.

Krippend off  defined market tourism as the systematic and coordinate execution business policy by tourist undertaking whether state owned at local regional national international level the needs if identifiable consumers groups and in doing so to achieve an appropriate return.

The first equipment for tourism planning therefore is knowledge of the market and this involves researching into people and their need that is to sky tourism facilities should be organized primarily to meet the needs of the guest or users.

The impact of market is seen to include the assessment of consumers demand in the first place and not mercy satisfying demand as it appears.


The growth and development of tourism are not without problems. The first is that of land used when for example much of the areas of the tourist destination is devoted to enable land and to other forms of agriculture. There may be a conflict in the demands which tourism makes on the countryside for land requirement for his facilities.

This calls for provision of areas of land and arising the problems of a location of scale resources in the most equitable and satisfying way.

Secondary there may be conflict between the demand of visitors and the interest of resident of a town or region the large the number of visitors and the greatest of risk of inconveniencies or loss of amenity and facility of those living in the town or regions.

Tourism implies the injection into the destination of an alien elements which may engender resentment in other words, tourism may guess rise to population explosion. It is an important test of the tourist organization to educate the resident population.

Thirdly, tourism is to a considerable extent seasonal activities as observed during this study, tourist centers have special days or needs or period of highest visits.

Relatively little of tourism continuities throughout the year, most of its facilities are used intensively for less than half time. This ledges to a wasteful use of resources and may in seasonal unemployment, this is to an economic as well as social problem.

Fourthly, another problems is in the area of promotion and publicity to change some of the traditional attitudes of our people with a largely aggression culture to coax them out of the conservatism to which they seen entrusted. The public needs to be relaxation and on what tourism is all about. Need, many people do not even know about the existence of some of our tourist attractions existing in the state.

However, it must be pointed out that our tourist organizations have been less concerned with the promotion of their service. They should involve themselves in promotional activities such as the sponsoring of sport tournaments at least twice a year. They should also engage in organizing for instance culture festivals. This non-development of tourist facilities to complete favorably with those funds in development countries, account for constant movement by Nigerians to overseas countries for holidays and relaxation these people who would have constitutes the tourist market in Nigerian are loss to oversea market.


In this study, the researcher intends

  1. To identify the target market and to highlight the purpose of relaxation to individual consumers who make up the market.
  2. The researcher wishes to identify the tourist attention (product) available on the state and their facilities
  3. It is also the wishes of researcher to identify the various ways or media by which the proprietors have seen able to make suggestion on ways to brining their services to the people or consumers.

It is the intention of the researcher in this study to ascertain to what extent the state of tourism in the state will be improve or developed by.

a.             Exploring the impact of marketing in tourism development and determine market problems in tourism.

b.            Ascertaining the position of the tourist industry in the economic development of the state

c.             Finding out if there are real qualified professionals in our tourist industry.

d.            Finding out the problems encountered in running and maintaining tourist facilities.

e.             Finding out the tourist industry actually applies the “Concept of marketing in marketing its tourist products.


Ho:      The quality of tourist services offered by tourist organizations in Enugu state is not satisfactorily.

H1:      The quality of tourist product/facilities offered by tourist organization in Enugu state is satisfactorily.

Ho:      The price of tourist product provided by tourist organization in Enugu leads to increase in sales

H2:      The price of tourist product provided by tourist organization in Enugu does not lead to increase in sales.

Ho:      Distribution strategies adopted by tourist organization in Enugu do not have positive effect on tourism products.

H3:      Distribution strategies adopted by tourist organization in Enugu state have positive effect on tourist products.

Ho:      The promotional strategies adopted by tourist organization in Enugu do not lead to customer awareness.

H4:      The promotional strategies adopted by tourist organizational in Enugu leads to customer awareness.

Ho:      The marketing strategies employed by tourist organization do not lead to increase sales.

H5:      The marketing strategies employed by tourist organization lead to increase sales.


The researcher hopes that this study will enable the tourist industry/cooperators and government value the effect of non-application of marketing concepts.

The study will also help all the tourist industry in Nigeria especially in Enugu state to know the reason behind the poor performance of the tourist industries and understands the impact to play in the tourist facilities and the users.

The study will also act as a literature review to those interested in doing further studies in this areas of the study will also help keep the tourist proprietors to live up to their effectuation of their consumer or guest by making sure that all necessary tourist centers are developed and the facilities properly maintained.

Finally, the management proprieties including government will benefits from this report of this study


1 TOURIST DESTINATION: These are people who travel to outside the race where they live and work within a few days, weeks, or months.

  1. TOURIST DESTINATION: These are countries, region, distinct, towns, village or other geographical area visited by tourists.

  2. TOURIST MARKET: This may be viewed as not works of dealing between buyers and sellers of tourist products i.e. between tourist and providers of tourist facilities and sources and represent tourist demand.

  3. TOURIST PRODUCT: This is a narrow sense, consist of what tourist buy, an a wider sense, tourist at the destination and if the facilities and services they use to make it possible.

  4. TOURIST FACILITIES AND SERVICES: Are facilities and services used by tourist they include transportation, accommodation, catering entertainment. Tourist facilities and services represents tourist supply.

  5. TOURIST INDUSTRY: Is the sum total of producers of tourist fa

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