Construction Of 100 Watt Audio Amplifier Systems

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This thesis guides the account for the design and construction of a 100w audio power amplifier with the objective of producing a reliable and cheaper amplifier that can be used in a household or stage. The audio power amplifier was constructed with electrical/electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transformer, transistors and vice-versa. Many tools/instruments like soldering iron, multi-meter and so on were used. The 100w audio power amplifier when compared with other types of audio power amplifier of the same rating in the market is cheaper as the components and materials used ere locally sourced and selected to suit the desired purpose and environment.



This is an exceptionally well designed amplifier, with a lot of power reserved in it. It has a high sensitivity, low consumption and full protection. Having all these ideal characteristics, this amplifier is likely to become the basic building block of the future high fidelity system or it may also become the element that will help improve or upgrade existing system.

The construction of a 100watts audio amplifier is a very big challenge and task to the group. As a matter of fact, an audio amplifier is one of the most important electronic devices which is commonly used around us. i.e in our say day activity either for domestic of commercial purposes. It should be able to deliver a high performance up to 40watts of continuous average power to an 8 load with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz with excellent signal to noise ratio of greater than 95 bB(min) with a typical low noise floor of 2.0uv.

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